Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking

Experience a Remote Pacific Paradise

Client Comments

Palau is a fantastic and diverse destination, with the kayaking, snorkeling, and WW2 history, and Ron and the team just brought it all to life for us.
— Sue B., Te Anau, New Zealand
Everything about this trip was fantastic! The resort was beautiful, the camps beyond expectations, the staff so knowledgeable and helpful. And Palau, WOW! I hadn't expected such an abundance of beauty. The coral and the fish were a sight to behold.
— Sally L., Oakland, CA
The most beautiful tropical paradise trip I have ever done. It's absolutely stunning and being out in the natural beauty of the environment with only our group, often alone, was amazing. Fantastic—beyond lovely!
— Alison J., Santa Barbara, CA
Thanks for another fabulous Wilderness adventure!
— Tom H., Shoreline, WA
The camping locations were far beyond expectations, and sunrises and sunsets beyond imagination. The balance between kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, and WW II history was perfect.
— Dean W., Sorrento, BC
This was my second time to Palau, and it was just as fabulous!
— Sherry D., Dillon, CO
An amazing trip in an amazing area.
— Erik C., Pacifica, CA
This was definitely a ‘bucket list’ trip and it did not disappoint. The snorkeling, kayaking, and scenery were absolutely magnificent. The ability to experience different environments—marine lakes, patch reefs, secluded bays, and the outer reef—without a crush of other tourists at popular spots like Jellyfish Lake, made this a truly memorable trip. The land excursions to WWII sites, ancient villages, and a Yapese stone money added an important human dimension to the trip.
— David S., Arlington, VA
A beautiful place and wonderful people.
— Karen L., Blue Mountains, Australia
One of the best trips we have ever taken. We got so much more out of our trip to Palau than someone just coming on their own.
— Jane H., Boulder, CO
This is my second WT trip to Palau. All my trips with WT have been great, but I have to rate Palau #1.
— Victoria O., Boulder, CO
This was the trip of a lifetime—over the top wonderful! Every day the trip became more interesting and amazing. I still wake up dreaming I am in my kayak! I have never had so much fun in my entire life.
— Diane H., Brandon, SD
Is there a rating above 'Excellent?' This trip far exceeded our expectations. It was so well planned and thought out.
— Lynn B., Portland, OR
Wilderness Travel is tops when it comes to adventure travel. Food, lodging, and attention to details is always exceptional!
— Lori K., Boulder, CO
The trip was fantastic and I was treated like royalty by everyone involved. I am not used to such luxury camping and having everything done for me!
— Cathy H., Lumsden, Saskatchewan
This trip ranks as one of my top three nature experiences in my lifetime.
— Dawn M., Playa Del Rey, CA
We have travelled for over 40 years and this would rate amongst our most memorable, enjoyable experiences.
— Katriona H., Blackheath NSW, Australia
The Palau trip is my idea of the ideal vacation. That is why I have taken it three times!
— Bob G., Elizabethtown, PA
Palau was a nothing less than a snorkeler's paradise! Our leader guided us each day to places where he knew Mother Nature would reveal a new canvas of coral and crystal-clear water and paint it with a kaleidoscope of tropical marine life. What a treat for the eyes!
— George F., Pleasanton, CA
We enjoyed the trip so much in March 2010, that we decided to do it again in March 2011. This is the firsts time we’ve repeated a trip!
— Gene H., Indianapolis, IN
Wonderful—one of our very best trips with WT.
— Ralph S. and Karen P., Playa del Rey, CA
This trip exceeded my expectations in all regards.
— Robert R., Park City, UT
Great itinerary—well planned, and the food at camp was beyond expectations. My family and I had a terrific time.
— Jim J., Ojai, CA
Ron's knowledge of the natural wonders of Palau, its people, and its history coupled with his spirit of fun and enthusiastic delivery made the trip a delight and an intense learning experience at the same time.
— Robert C., Concord, MA
An incredible journey. The reefs were amazing—the best I’ve encountered yet, and an elegant camping experience. Well done!!
— Carole L., Port Townsend, WA