Norway's Fjord Country

Mountains, Glaciers, and Nordic Culture

Client Comments

Excellent in all categories—and really, my expectations were truly exceeded. A first rate trip, not a single corner cut, and many nice surprises along the way. I wouldn't change a single thing.
— Ricardo S., Seattle, WA
The itinerary was well designed to expose us to the beauty of Norway, different modes of transportation, its culture/history, local foods. Outstanding leaders—interactive, personable, knowledgeable, senses of humor, flexible, compassionate. I enjoyed the diverse itinerary and hikes, and most of all, the ferry ride to Flam.
— Carolyn H., Asheville, NC
We had such a great time! The guides were top notch, accommodations were superb, and the overall trip design—with its mix of hiking and delightful activities—was flawless. We really appreciated going places and having activities that were not overrun with large groups of tourists. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who is looking for a unique experience in western Norway. I'm running out of superlatives, but we enjoyed every minute of this trip and our expectations were constantly exceeded. Great work!
— Douglas B., Eugene, OR
This trip tops my list; at the end of it, I felt more satisfied than after any other I have taken. I have been on several Wilderness Travel trips and have never had a bad experience—they have all been excellent, visiting beautiful countries and experiencing different cultures. But the activities on Norway's Fjord Country provided more opportunities to get to know the land and people than any trip I've been on. Thank you to our charming guides Stefano and Naoise, and thank you, Wilderness Travel!
— Ann S., New Cumberland, PA
We are used to planning our own trips, unless they are taking place in very foreign areas, such as a safari. That said, we and some of our fellow travelers thought that it would have been very hard to plan this trip and coordinate the numerous travel connections, hotels, and hiking trails. And of course, we could not have duplicated the sessions with the local guides and producers. Plus we had the advantage of well-informed Wilderness Travel guides with great personalities and people skills.
— Mary S., Mystic, CT
What a great trip this was. Loved the itinerary and were kept busy on a daily basis with all kinds of fun activities. Traveling with the leaders was an absolute blast (not to mention that the weather was perfect)! I would highly recommend this trip.
— Sandy M., Prescott, AZ
It was a great way to experience a part of Norway. I LOVED the interactions with local people—made it feel authentic and like we had a genuine experience in the country.
— Susan H., Gold River, CA
The cultural experiences were great. Getting to hear and experience local people, food, and flair really added to the trip.
— Marianne V., Chagrin Falls, OH
In addition to the outstanding leaders, the itinerary worked very well and seemed rather ingeniously put together—striking a good balance between traveling enough to see a variety of places and things but not spending too much time in transit. I also liked the reliance on public transportation where possible, which involved some fun travel by rail and water and felt less isolating than using only a private bus or van. I also much enjoyed the historical and cultural aspects of the trip, especially the very special visit to the Hardanger Folk Museum, the stave church at Borgund, the walking tour of Bergen, the RIB boat excursion from Flåm, and visits to a goat farm and an apple farm.
— David R., Arlington, VA
Our experience with Wilderness Travel exceeded our expectations. It was a fantastic trip.
— Ann K., Sunnyvale, CA
A terrific trip in a breathtakingly beautiful country.
— Sandra F., Carmichael, CA
A very enjoyable trip and a great way to see and learn about Norway's history and culture!
— Nancy K., Hazelhurst, WI
Loved the trip. The hikes were all very good, the cultural interactions were interesting, the accommodations were good, and the food was excellent. Overall, a very good trip!
— Peter A., Emerald Hills, CA
Great variety of hiking and culture. Seeing individual farms, orchards, etc. was exceptional.
— Ellen and Fred F., Denver, CO
The trip was fabulous and the guides were superb.
— Linda F., Bend, OR
Great trip! Beautiful, challenging hikes. Snowshoeing on the glacier was the best: a once in a lifetime experience.
— Michael B., Columbia, MD
As always...another excellent experience for us with Wilderness Travel.
— Thomas S., Reno, NV
It goes without saying that Norway is a beautiful and unique country, but Richard made it come alive for us with experiences we could never have had on our own.
— Linda G., W. Hartford, CT
A truly delightful journey! The fiords of Norway were so peaceful, I just sat on our hotel front porches each morning and drank them in.
— Jack H., Cockeysville, MD
We all had a wonderful time with our guide. What a professional! So passionate about this trip and saw to it we all had a grand time. It is now of my favorite WT Trips ever!
— Diane S., Reno, NV
Wonderful trip—a great blend of culture and physical activity.
— Robyn W., Bethesda, MD
The trip itself was very good—well organized, interesting, and fun. But our guide and the group we traveled with made it an EXCELLENT trip!
— Elaine C., Zurich, Switzerland
The spectacular beauty and bucolic life of Norway's Fjord country will be a lasting memory.
— Shirley R., San Rafael, CA
I highly recommend this trip to hikers who want to experience Norway's fjords, food, and culture.
— Eugenia L., Berkeley, CA

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