In the Realm of the Desert Lion

A World-Exclusive Conservation Safari in Namibia

Client Comments

No one but Jason Nott could do justice to this trip. His intimate knowledge of the country and experience with the wildlife and conservationists—especially his relationship with Flip Stander—were extraordinary.
— Glynda and Don R., Atlanta, GA
This was a great experience and I am fortunate to have done it; nothing else in Africa compares. Jason was a fabulous companion and the sights will never be forgotten.
— Peter D., Bradenton, FL
This was a wonderful, exotic trip to an immensely beautiful country with varied landscapes. Jason, the main leader, had a depth of knowledge over a range of subjects that was utterly astounding. He also has a good sense of how to manage itineraries and people. John and I commend him to Wilderness Travel in every possible way.
— Ginny W., Healdsburg, CA
Jason conveyed intense interest in protection and behavior of wildlife. He increased the value of this trip to make it one of searching for wildlife, and wildlife conservation, caring, and management, not just a safari to see wildlife and check off species on a list.
— Bill K., Portland, OR
Jason is a superstar, one of the best trip leaders I have ever traveled with. He is extremely empathetic and thoughtful, and works extraordinarily hard and demonstrates endless passion and energy about travel and conservation. He has a lot to offer to anyone willing to listen and learn.
— Nicole C., San Francisco, CA
Jason is more than an outstanding guide. He is able to handle everything and anything, and is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of conservation, as well as all the animals, birds, trees, plants, grasses, etc., that one sees on this trip. Jason knows a great deal about Namibia in general and one can learn a great deal from him. He is exceptionally pleasant and friendly and takes the time to know each of his guests. He is a top guide in every respect and we who've just taken this amazing trip will miss him.
— Jane C., Bethesda, MD
Jason is a wealth of knowledge and has a nice way of imparting that knowledge to us. He does an excellent job of guiding and seeing that everyone is taken care of.
— Jean R., Honolulu, HI