Morocco: The High Atlas Trek

High Atlas Mountains, Berber Villages, Marrakesh, Fes, & Rabat

Trip Level

This trip is Level 4, moderate to strenuous, according to our trip grading system. It combines easy touring and overland exploration with a moderate 6-day trek. On the trek, we hike at altitudes of 6,000 to 10,000 feet and camp at altitudes between 7,000 and 8,000 feet. The trek involves a good bit of up-and-down hiking (between 1,000- and 3,000-foot gain or loss in elevation per day). For the most part, you can hike at your own speed; the group will spread out along the trail during the day during our 4-7 hours of hiking. The trails are mostly rock, sometimes carved out of hillsides, but some are well-worn from village use. There are some short, steep climbs, and some rough going in dry riverbeds. Our hiking also includes “river trekking,” wading across rivers that are usually 6-12 inches deep (with lots of crossings in and out), but can range up to 20-30 inches for short distances in the most narrow and deepest part of the river. The water temperature is generally comfortable, a bit cool in the mornings, but warms up quite fast as the day progresses. There is an optional ascent of M’Goun (13,346’) on Day 9. We recommend that you make a special effort to get in top physical shape for the trip. Daily walking or regular hiking, jogging, and stair-climbing, are excellent preparatory exercises. At the camps, there is a private (though rustic) bathing tent, which includes a bucket of hot water you can use to wash yourself.


Morocco has wide range of climatic variations but the weather is largely moderate, with a cooling influence from the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans. Temperatures in the High Atlas Mountains for July and August range from 70-84 or more degrees, but will, of course, fluctuate with altitude.

Choosing the Right Trip

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