Morocco: The High Atlas Trek

High Atlas Mountains, Berber Villages, Marrakesh, Fes, & Rabat

Client Comments

I was impressed with the coordination and efficiency of the trekking support. All of the muleteers were always cheerful, available and willing to help. Housain the cook was exceptional and we were amazed what he could prepare in his camp kitchen. I would happily have continued traveling with them!
— Kathleen I., San Francisco, CA
This trip rocked all my expectations!
— Linda W., Tucson, Arizona
The Atlas trek was much more beautiful and memorable than I could have imagined. Seeing and learning about the Amazir, their azibs, transhumance, as well as the isolated valleys was fascinating.
— Natalie L., Warwick, Bermuda
An excellent trip combining cultural sightseeing with mountain trekking that was made all the more beautiful when we added the Mt. Toubak extentsion.
— Mark P., Middletown, CT
The trip itinerary was exceptional. No other company could match it. And wonderful hotels. I loved Mark’s command of several languages—French, Arabic, and Berber dialects.
— Jocelyn S., Arvada, CO
I especially liked the combination of the exposure to the culture, both in the cities and in the mountains, and the trekking experience.
— David F., Quincy, MA
A well balanced trip with a blend of culture and mountain trekking and exactly what I was looking for. Mark Gordon’s knowledge and passion for the High Atlas mountains and Berber culture was exceptional.
— Terry W., New York, NY