High Atlas Mountains, Berber Villages, Marrakesh, Fez, & Rabat

Client Comments

This trip rocked all my expectations!
— Linda W., Tucson, Arizona
The Atlas trek was much more beautiful and memorable than I could have imagined. Seeing and learning about the Amazir, their azibs, transhumance, as well as the isolated valleys was fascinating.
— Natalie L., Warwick, Bermuda
An excellent trip combining cultural sightseeing with mountain trekking that was made all the more beautiful when we added the Mt. Toubak extentsion.
— Mark P., Middletown, CT
The trip itinerary was exceptional. No other company could match it. And wonderful hotels. I loved Mark’s command of several languages—French, Arabic, and Berber dialects.
— Jocelyn S., Arvada, CO
I especially liked the combination of the exposure to the culture, both in the cities and in the mountains, and the trekking experience.
— David F., Quincy, MA
A well balanced trip with a blend of culture and mountain trekking and exactly what I was looking for. Mark Gordon’s knowledge and passion for the High Atlas mountains and Berber culture was exceptional.
— Terry W., New York, NY