Mountain Hikes and Magnificent Kotor Bay


Listed below are our signature accommodations for this trip. Although it is highly unlikely, we may make substitutions when necessary.

Isabegov Hamam Hotel

Isabegov Hamam Hotel

Day 1 (1 night), Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

This atmospheric Ottoman hotel enjoys a perfect location in the heart of Sarajevo, close to all the major sites (just around the corner is the Latin ...

Hotels in zabljak 01

Hotels in Zabljak

Days 2 to 3 (2 nights), Zabljak, Montenegro

In Zabljak, we stay at one of the following properties:

Ski Hotel
Hotel Soa

Bianca Resort and Spa

Bianca Resort and Spa

Days 4 to 6 (3 nights), Kolasin, Montenegro

The Bianca Resort & Spa  is a contemporary hotel complex built in alpine-chalet style, with wood-panelled rooms and a large central ...

Hotels in virpazar 01

Hotels in Virpazar

Day 7 (1 night), Virpazar, Montenegro

In Virpazar, we stay at one of the following properties:

Hotel Pelikan
Eco Resort Cermeniza

Forza Mare Hotel and Resort

Forza Mare Hotel and Resort

Days 8 to 10 (3 nights), Kotor, Montenegro

The Forza Mare is a lovely spot to come back to after a day of exploring. This boutique hotel has a breathtaking view over Montenegro Bay, a private ...