Mongolia’s Golden Eagle Festival

Nomadic Traditions and the Great Gobi Desert

Client Comments

Spectacular! Thrilling! Unique! To those considering this trip: You will see more than 100 eagle hunters and huntresses parade in front of you with huge golden eagles on their arms. You will watch the eagles circle overhead until they spot their target, then swoop down at a dazzling speed. You will get to meet the hunters, and you will have the thrill of holding the eagles!
— Michael S., Oakland, CA
Loved the trip, guide and all crew members. Everything worked very well and was well organized. The cultural performance in Ulaan Bataar was unexpectedly excellent. Food at both camps was yummy—we ate too much! As always, we enjoyed the fellow WT guests.
— Irene R., Cincinnati, OH
We had a really great time—the Golden Eagle Festival and the Gobi were both truly spectacular. The Three Camel Lodge was superb in every way, and the ger camp near Ulgii was a lot of fun and in a great location. We enjoyed being in the Kazakh gers with their rugs and decorations.
— Margaret A., Seattle, WA
The trip was amazing. I'm already thinking about my next one!
— Mary W., Crosby, TX
This was a fantastic trip, and not one we could have managed on our own.
— John S., Laurel, MD
The festival was fantastic. The locations of the eagle camp and Three Camel Lodge were beautiful. We were thrilled to experience the mini-Nadaam in the Gobi, and we really enjoyed the hike to see the petroglyphs in the Gobi.
— Becky H., Chandler, AZ