In the Realm of Genghis Khan

Adventuring from Karakorum to the Gobi Desert

Trip Level

The trip is Level 3, Moderate. Although there is only minimal hiking, this trip involves rugged travel conditions in remote locations, simple accommodations in gers (yurts), and rough roads.

A Special Note on Travel to Mongolia
Mongolia is an exciting destination, and while tourism is growing rapidly, the infrastructure remains limited. The country is modernizing quickly from its Soviet-era standards, but they are not yet up to the level of many countries (particularly felt by travelers on the bumpy roads!). Roads outside Ulaanbaatar are unpaved and often very bumpy and dusty. Travel on these roads might be done in Russian four-wheel drive vans, which are not up to western SUV standards, but are reasonably comfortable. Essential requirements for travel in Mongolia are flexibility, a sense of humor, curiosity, enthusiasm about new peoples and places, and an openness to the unexpected.


Mongolia has a relatively cool climate with short, mild summers and long, severe winters that last from October to April. Mountain weather is always unpredictable. We’ll have many beautifully clear and sunny days with bright blue skies, but come prepared for at least some rain, wind, and some very cold nights and mornings. At high altitudes, nighttime temperatures can drop to 30F! A dusting of snow is not uncommon here at this northern latitude, even in the summer.

Choosing the Right Trip

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