Temples, Treasures, and Teahouses

From Matsue to Takayama, with a Cherry Blossom Festival

Client Comments

The trip provided an immersive experience into the culture of Japan.
— Beverly F., Stamford, CT
Fantastic trip, great leader, fun group of folks!
— Mary P., Yakima, WA
This trip was very interesting and a great introduction to Japan—a nice mix of urban and rural. Our days were full of interesting sights and experiences, still leaving time for us to explore on our own. We definitely gained insights into Japanese culture.
— Lynne R., New York, NY
The trip exceeded expectations. I loved the small group!
— Pamela W., Corvallis, OR
We thought the overall itinerary was excellent and was the main reason we chose WT for this trip.
— Paulette N., Fort Collins, CO
Kate really made us all love Japan, even those who were not really expecting to do so.
— Donna V., Paris, France
Temples, Treasures, and Teahouses
The trip covers a great deal of Japan for the ‘101 Course’ and first time traveler to the country. The ryokans, especially in Kyoto were fabulous.
— Jennifer B., Washington, DC
We couldn’t have asked for a better Trip Leader. I got the feeling she could always find new things to do if we stayed indefinitely! Domo arigato!
— Marli K., Larkspur, CA
Loved all of the places we visited. Glad to have spent so much time in Kyoto, and very much enjoyed the ryokans and monastery. They really helped give insight into the Japanese culture.
— Carol L., Somerville, MA
Our Trip Leader was very knowledgeable and a wonderful guide. Her experience in the country as well as her proficiency in Japanese were invaluable and added greatly to our experience.
— Martha G., Cambridge, MA
The overall trip design was great. We were able to see a good variety of things in Japan, from the cherry blossoms and temples to the wonderful countryside. Kate also did a great job of making the trip a wonderful experience for the entire group.
— Bob S., Half Moon Bay, CA
Exactly what I hoped for. Placed myself into the Japanese culture as much as possible.
— Archibald B., Tucson, AZ

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