Vineyards, Village Hikes, and Cuisine of Piemonte

Trip Level

This trip is Level 3, Moderate, according to our trip grading system. Besides our wine and culinary forays, we enjoy walks and hikes of 2-4 hours over variable hill and mountain trails, with occasional short, steep sections. We will carry just a daypack with trailside essentials such as jacket, water bottle, and camera.

All meals except two dinners are included on this trip and will be taken at the hotels where we are staying or at restaurants in nearby towns. Please note that some of our meals may take up to two hours and may include several courses. The dinner hour in Europe is considerably later than what it is in the US. We do our best to secure early reservations for our groups, but most often the evening meal will be at 7:30 pm.

For maximum enjoyment of the trip (and the wonderful scenery, food, wine, art, and history that are a part of it), you must be in fit shape and ready to walk. We strongly urge you to train for the trip with regular hiking, especially over hills or rough terrain, running, swimming, bicycling or other sports exercise.

After breakfast in our hotel, we’re generally off on the day’s walk by 9:00 am. Each day unfolds a bit differently. Some days encompass a full morning of country walking; others involve a half day or more exploring one of the towns on foot. On many days, we drive to a starting point for our walk, and get picked up at the end of the walk and driven to our night’s lodging.


The weather in northern Italy in October ranges from the mid-40s to the mid-60s, with cool winds and showers possible at any time.

Choosing the Right Trip

We work hard to help you choose the right trip for you, paying attention to your individual interests, abilities, and needs. If you have questions about the level of comfort or any of the activities described in this itinerary, please contact us.


We are proud to have an exceptionally high rate of repeat travelers. For more information, we would be happy to put you in touch with a client who has traveled with us.

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