Treasures of Ireland's West Coast

The Best Hikes of Galway, Mayo, and Connemara


Here are the Trip Leaders scheduled for this journey (please note that leader assignments are subject to change).

Buckley killian

Killian Buckley

Departure Dates: June 17-25, 2023

Killian Buckley grew up at the foot of the mountains in the McGillicuddy Reeks, Ireland’s highest range. He spent his youth climbing in these mountains, but it wasn’t until he returned from London, where he worked as a chef in one of the city’s top ...

Curran ann

Ann Curran

Departure Dates: September 17-25, 2022, June 17-25, 2023

Ann Curran was born and raised in Dingle, County Kerry, and grew up surrounded by traditional Gaelic culture. Born into a family with farming, business, and community connections in this colorful market town, Ann enjoyed successful careers in real estate, banking, and ...

Moriarty con

Con Moriarty

Departure Dates: September 17-25, 2022, June 17-25, 2023

Con Moriarty grew up in one of the world's very special places, amidst the wild peaks of the McGillycuddy Reeks and Killarney Valley of Ireland's County Kerry. From an early age, Con has been awake to the spirit of this magical place, its shape and nature combining ...

Noonan rob

Rob Noonan

Rob Noonan came by his love of nature and the mountains early, adventuring throughout most of the Americas and later earning a degree in environmental studies from Prescott College in Arizona. He began guiding our Patagonia hiking journeys in 1994, and his love of the ...

O muircheartaigh naoise

Naoise O Muircheartaigh

Born on the Dingle Peninsula and into the distinct Gaelic culture of his ancestors, Naoise O Muircheartaigh (the Gaelic spelling of Moriarty) has been steeped in the culture of Ireland since birth and comes from generations of mountain guides, including his father, ...