Treasures of Ireland's West Coast

The Best Hikes of Galway, Mayo, and Connemara

Client Comments

Thank you for this most wonderful, magical experience. Ann and Con are exemplary in every way: as guides and escorts and interpreters and life-changers—not just making the trip seamless but also binding together all of us fellow travelers. This trip was truly a spectacular, full-immersion Irish experience that leaves me with a much richer understanding of Irish culture, history, religion. and archaeology. I will forever carry in my heart the images of the rocks and sea and mountains and bogs; the remnants of the famine potato beds still etched in the land; the ruins of the churches laid waste by religious intolerance; the haunting melodies of the Irish music we were treated to—music emanating from those ‘thin places,’ as Con calls them, where the ancient past and the present commingle. Every day brought unexpected gifts.
— Marsha C., Yardley, PA
The trip surpassed all expectations! Ann and Con were superb leaders, modeling compassion, diligence, and humor. Preparation was exceptional and their attention to detail remarkable. Everything appeared seamless and, yet, we know hard work and planning were behind it all. They created a fun, optimistic experience and overall esprit de corps. The hikes were breathtaking and challenging. Thank you for offering this terrific opportunity!
— Nancy O., North Weymouth, MA
Once again, Wilderness Travel has exceeded my expectations. The trip blew my heart and mind open with its variety, its delicious food and drink, its exquisite hikes, its comfortable nights, its brilliant guides.
— Andrea L., Brooklyn, NY
There was not one thing that could have made this trip any better.
— Lisa L., Grand Blanc, MI
The trip operation could not have been smoother, and the lodging and food were great. The freedom that is given to the trip leaders to improvise of the fly is so helpful; on the night we were in Westport, for example, there was an unscheduled Irish music concert at the town hall. Con got everyone tickets and it was a great evening and an unexpected treat. We really couldn't have asked for anything more. Superb!
— Tom G., Los Altos, CA
One of the most enjoyable and best experiences I've had with Wilderness Travel in 21 trips!
— Joe N., Seattle, WA
Wonderfully planned and executed itinerary. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every minute of this fantastic trip—I didn't want it to end!
— Carrie H., Santa Fe, NM
This trip by far exceeded my expectations. The guides were such an inspiration and really gave me a sense of their history and culture. I came away with a new understanding of Ireland and I am forever grateful to our guides for making this all come together for us. A trip of a lifetime!
— Sandy M., Prescott, AZ
I would do this again in a flash—spectacular itinerary, well-organized, great hikes.
— Andy W., Oakland, CA
Our second trip with you to continues to be magic and wonderful.
— Sally R., Dillsburg, PA