Snorkeling Expedition to Wakatobi

Yacht-Based Adventure in Indonesia’s famed Coral Triangle with Andrea Duggan

September 19-26, 2022, September 11-18, 2023, September 18-25, 2023

The newest addition to WT’s unique snorkeling program is an exploration of the reefs of Wakatobi National Park, just a short hop from Bali and set in the heart of Indonesia’s celebrated Asia-Pacific Coral Triangle, which boasts the highest coral reef biodiversity in the world. Legendary explorer and conservationist Jacques Cousteau is said to have called the Wakatobi Archipelago an “underwater nirvana,” and on our yacht-based adventure with Trip Leader Andrea Duggan, you’ll see why. Andrea is a passionate diver and snorkeler who has led trips throughout the entire Indonesian archipelago. As an expert on Indonesia’s marine biodiversity, she’s the perfect guide for this extraordinary underwater realm. Our itinerary is designed to get you to the best sites in Wakatobi, each one offering a wide variety of distinct habitats—from shallow coral gardens to sheer wall faces encrusted with sea fans and deep overhangs sheltering daisy corals, tube sponges, and even sea turtles. If you’re a serious snorkeler, this is a “must-do”—you’re in for an incredible adventure! A 10-guest motor yacht carries us in comfort through this spectacular hidden paradise.

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