Snorkeling Expedition to Wakatobi

Yacht-Based Adventure in Indonesia’s famed Coral Triangle

Wendy Brown

Wendy was born and brought up in Sri Lanka on a tea plantation her British expatriate family operated. As a young child, holidays were to the coast to go snorkeling (she says she learned to swim before she could walk!). A move with her family to Fiji helped her realize her dream of learning to dive and she fell in love with the ocean and all its frontiers. She worked as a volunteer on a marine project in Roatan, and qualified to be a scuba diving instructor. After teaching and guiding for four years, she moved to Indonesia to become a guide at the Wakatobi Dive Resort, which only increased her desire to head to all the amazing and remote locations Indonesia has to offer. In 2008 she helped start up a new liveaboard operation as the Cruise Director and held that job for 12 years, living a nomadic boat lifestyle and enjoying wonderful travels throughout the remote Indonesian Archipelago. Wendy has worked with a number of marine biologists, been involved in looking for new dive areas and fish species, and has now completed more than 13,000 dives. “Indonesia is an incredible place,” she says, “with both its people and nature, you can never really get enough of it.” Wendy is fully conversant in Indonesian and is passionate about conservation of the world’s resources.

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