Snorkeling Raja Ampat

Experience the Most Biodiverse Marine Habitat on the Planet

Client Comments

All WT trips are good and often great, but superlatives aren't sufficient for this trip.
— Peter W., Berkeley, CA
This was a great snorkeling experience. We got to see 22 different reefs—lots of variety—and didn't see any other boats for 8 days—truly amazing.
— Paula S., Sedro Woolley, WA
I was awestruck by the beauty I saw. I felt for the first time in my life that I had been honored to see the world as it was in its beginning. Certainly a life-changing experience.
— Betty-Lynn W., Westport, CT
If lots of snorkel and swim time is your goal, this trip is for you. I have snorkeled all over the world and this trip itinerary is truly fabulous with the different sites chosen with a lot of thought and the the safety boats and crew providing impeccable service to all the guests, no matter what their experience.
— Liz B., Arroyo Grande, CA
Raja Ampat is not just a snorkeling destination. This is nature at its mind-blowing best. You don't have to settle for watching the Blue Planet on TV, you can live it every day while onboard and then understand why we need to save it.
— Allene W., Honolulu, HI
This was the trip of a lifetime for us! Staying on the boat was fantastic. It wasn't camping, but it had some of that rustic, romantic feel—What a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat. The snorkeling was unparalleled. We explored two different reefs every day and each was spectacular. The soft coral snorkel was particularly awe-inspiring. I've been snorkeling for many years and have never seen anything like the corals and animals we saw on this trip. The guides were fabulous, pointing out animals and plants I would never have seen on my own. I really enjoyed the company of the other guests as well as the guides and crew. If it weren't so far away, I'd go again next week!
— Karen H., Mission Viejo, CA
This was one of the best WT trips that I've had, and I have done quite a few. Being on our ship, the Shakti, was a wonderful experience—made all the more so by the care of the crew, Andrea, Bob and Di.
— Catherine R., Grand Junction, CO
Tremendous trip. It met or exceeded all my expectations; I would recommend it very highly. Environmentally, the area visited is of world-wide significance and this value was respected throughout the trip—right down to being alert to unintended minor damage to reefs that might be caused by less skilled snorkelers.
— Maurice W., Seattle, WA
I've gone on at least 12 group trips, and this was one of the very best. I highly recommend that people go to Raja Ampat soon since the coral is still living and beautiful here, unlike most places in the world. I can truly say that I have never been as relaxed as I was on this journey; it was hard coming back to reality! I can't rave about this trip enough—10 out of 10!
— Susan S., Chicago, IL
I had a wonderful time on this trip. The snorkeling was exceptional and the boat was great!
— Adele G., Oakland, CA
Absolutely wonderful. The perfect way to enjoy this beautiful part of the world.
— Connie P., New York, NY
The trip was fabulous and I have just now signed up for the May 2019 trip with my niece!!!
— Diane K., Riverside, CA
A superb trip and extremely good value.
— Robert B., Reseda, CA
A very organized and comfortable way to enjoy an experience in an exotic place we would never visit on our own.
— Annette C., Eureka, CA
A lifetime experience in this exquisite part of the world, so removed from civilization as we know it.
— Laura W., Honolulu, HI
We had a memorable lifetime adventure on this trip, with incomparable snorkeling, beautiful scenery, and a boatful of nice people.
— David W., Honolulu, HI
Stunning trip and great to have an experienced trip leader who is flexible and knowledgeable of the conditions of the area to ensure we got the best possible experience.
— Sandy T., Christchurch, New Zealand
I feel like I've experienced the best snorkeling the world has to offer—and who know how much longer we'll have coral reefs to enjoy.
— Carrie B., Oakland, CA
I loved the trip and have never been disappointed with Wilderness Travel.
— Heather W., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
This was an incredible trip. Raja Ampat is so remote and stunning.
— Hilary M., Boulder, CO
The remoteness of the region and the colors of the sea, coral, and fish are beyond words!
— Susan K., Goleta, CA
Thank you, Wilderness Travel, for putting together this wonderful experience. Our trip leaders made every minute count. We appreciated all the planning it took to juggle the tides, the winds, and the calendar to make sure we immersed in as many habitats as possible.
— Alice L., Pahoa, HI
I loved this trip. Din, my fellow travelers, crew made it a great experience.
— Shelly A., New Haven, CT
Very well organized and executed by a most competent leader. I have participated in years of SCUBA live aboard and land-based trips and Din's demeanor and personal attention beats all. Even though it was billed as a snorkeling trip you come away feeling like it was a lot more.
— Ronald D., Los Gatos, CA
There are not enough words to describe the trip. It was just amazing and I loved every minute. Lots of laughter and fun out of the water and the snorkeling was beyond what I expected. I would love to go back.
— Tanis D., Noosaville, Australia
As well-traveled as I am, I marvel that there are still special places like Raja Ampat out there that are a privilege to visit.
— Chuck P., Chicago, IL
This was a mind-blowing experience for me. I've been a diver for many years and have never seen anything like what we saw on this trip. Other areas in the world where I have dived or snorkeled don't even come close to Raja Ampat.
— Patrick T., Danville, CA
This is the ultimate snorkel trip—the fauna are in perfect balance so you see a large number of incredibly rare species. This isn’t a vacation, it’s a privilege.
— David S., East Peoria, IL
This was an amazing trip, absolutely the best 12 days I’ve ever experienced.
— Karen R., Santa Fe, NM
Once again I was sailed off to Shangri La where time has no meaning and only the beauty of the moment surrounds. That is Raja Ampat to me and no one could dream of a more ideal trip.
— Claire H., Austin, TX
A truly great trip—one of the best I’ve ever taken.
— John W., Forth Worth, TX
The beauty of Raja Ampat has to be seen to be believed. It’s hard to imagine that there is a place so remote, pristine, and beautiful left on the planet.
— Vicki G., Oakland, CA
Raja Ampat is the most beautiful snorkeling place in the world. Bountiful, rich with life and diversity. Can’t be beat!
— Dianne L., Fairfax Station, VA
It was a fabulous trip. What a unique opportunity to see such a pristine coral reef! I will likely go again.
— DeAnn C., Cazenovia, NY
Swimming with a manta ray, the phantasmagoria of color under water, awaiting the dawn and the bird of paradise—awesome!
— Inge K., Concord, MA
The awareness of just how remote we were and the raw beauty of the surroundings seemed like a dream to me! There were moments on this trip that truly filled my soul.
— Susan F., Sausalito, CA
This is a truly wonderful snorkeling adventure in a beautiful place with a very experienced guide. It is the trip of a lifetime for people who like to snorkel.
— Leslie J., Winnepeg, Canada
This is the third time I’ve been to Raja Ampat/Misool with WT and I hope to go again. It’s a snorkeler’s paradise, made even better by Trip Leader Ethan Daniels and the boat staff.
— Jeanne H., Orinda, CA
We love to snorkel and this is the best in the world. The fish are incredible—a super underwater experience.
— Rick L., East Falmouth, MA