Snorkeling Expedition to Cenderawasih Bay

Whale Sharks and the Spectacular Coral of Papua


Here are the Trip Leaders scheduled for this journey (please note that leader assignments are subject to change).

Brown wendy

Wendy Brown

Departure Dates: August 8-18, 2023, August 22-September 1, 2023

Wendy was born and brought up in Sri Lanka on a tea plantation her British expatriate family operated. As a young child, holidays were to the coast to go snorkeling (she says she learned to swim before she could walk!). A move with her family to Fiji helped her ...

Brunskill bob

Bob Brunskill

Departure Dates: July 11-21, 2023, July 25-August 4, 2023

Bob Brunskill is an Englishman with a decade of experience planning and executing diving excursions in Indonesia. He left the United Kingdom in 2003 in search of adventure, which led him to Thailand, where he gained his diving certification, and later to Indonesia. ...