Treasures of South India

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Hashmat Singh

Hashmat Singh has led over 180 journeys on three continents for us since 1990. He holds a BA in History from Delhi University and is a noted photographer. His book, Trekking in the Himalaya (Roli Books), features photographic essays from Ladakh to Bhutan. Born an army brat, Hashmat traveled extensively as his father was posted in various remote regions of India. His first big Himalayan trek was at age 12, with his school group, and during college, he headed into the Himalaya to take mountaineering courses. “Big mountains of the world, whether they are in the Himalaya, Alps, or the Andes, hold a special fascination for me, as do the people living amongst them, holding on to their ancient cultures in a world where everything is rapidly changing.” A passionate traveler, Hashmat has been instrumental in designing and leading adventures for us throughout Asia, and in summer, he joins our team of Trip Leaders leading hikes in the Alps. The profession of Trip Leader combines several of his interests—hiking, exploring the mountains, photography, and meeting new people. He’s a favorite of WT travelers—as one of them put it, “Hashmat is a longstanding member of the guiding hall of fame.” He lives in Delhi with his wife and two children.

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Hashmat was just excellent—gifted, energetic, passionate, and knowledgeable about his country: an excellent journey!
— Melissa S., Kailua Kona, HI
Treasures of South India
It's like traveling with an encyclopedia! Hashmat has a passion for learning about the sites, the history, and the culture, and huge enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge. He has a genuine commitment to ensuring that the people who travel with him are informed and entertained.
— Greg P., San Antonio, TX
Treasures of South India
Our second trip with Hashmat, and he continues to be absolutely great. We would follow Hashmat into deepest and most remote parts of Europe and Asia—for me, he is the "Trekking Delphi of Dehli"!
— Scott B., Eagle River, AK
Ultimate Dolomites
Very professional, personable, knowledgeable. His huge experience, enthusiasm, and warm personality were evident. I won't be the first to say he is a star.
— Elizabeth M., Waitati, New Zealand
Classic Haute Route
Hash was very knowledgeble about the history and culture of the area we hiked and provided valuable insight and experience for our hike. His enthusiasm for adventure and hiking was infectious. He has a positive attitude and was a huge asset for our whole group.
— Elyse B., Newburgh, IN
Tour du Mont Blanc
Hashmat was extraordinary. His knowledge of the area and its attractions is superb and his enthusiasm for sharing it with others is infectious. I can't imagine traveling in India without his perspective and care.
— Virginia V., Salem, OR
Hidden Rajasthan and the Holi Festival
We were lucky to have Hashmat with us—wealth of experience, great sense of humor, friendly, and looked after the guests very well. His excitement was infectious.
— Bob F., Bethesda, MD
Hiking the Haute Route
This was our second trip with Hashmat. We selected this departure because of him. He is delightful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and engaging.
— Jeff E., Loomis, CA
Journey to Ladakh
Hashmat has a gift for putting people at ease. He makes everyone in the group feel like you are a life-long friend and his incredible expanse of knowledge is really something to witness.
— Landon M., Addison, TX
Journey to Ladakh
We think Hashmat is the best guide we have EVER had. His experience, generosity of spirit, humor, tolerance, and knowhow just amazed us.
— Rochelle Z., New York, NY
Royal Rajasthan
Hashmat caan be inducted into the guiding hall of fame. He's excellent!
— Martha D., Los Altos, CA
Royal Rajasthan
There is no better trip leader than Hashmat. This is our third trip with him and we would go anywhere with him.
— Mark L., Melbourne Beach, FL
Treasures of South India
In the feast for the senses that is South India, Hashmat's knowledge of, and insights about, the area, the people, and the culture and his patience, good humor, and kindness were the seasonings that made the feast truly delectable. It was difficult to push myself away from the table and I am certain I will be back for a second helping.
— Virginia V., Salem, OR
Treasures of South India
Hashmat is an amazing trip leader. He seems to know everyone and was able to get us into places where other tours were not able to go.
— Paul B., Albany, CA
Royal Rajasthan
Amazing trip, and Hashmat is an amazing guy, so full of energy, knowledge, caring, attentiveness.
— Anne B., Gold River, CA
Himalayan Mountain Kingdoms
Hashmat was totally unflappable, careful, candid, delightful, strong, encouraging, professional, yet warm and friendly. We plan to seek out trips led by him. He is unique and extraordinary!
— Gail E., Bethesda, MD
Great Alpine Traverse
Hashmat is a marvelous leader—knowledgeable, sensitive, funny, and passionate about his country.
— Andrew L., Bridgewater, CT
Hidden Rajasthan and the Holi Festival
As always, Hashmat was the perfect leader! His sensitivity, compassion, patience, and humor are second to none.
— Elizabeth P., Santa Fe, NM
Hidden Rajasthan and the Holi Festival
Hashmat is fabulous (but you already know that!). We were so fortunate to be able to enjoy his expertise and learn from him.
— Barbara B., Redmond, WA
Journey to Ladakh
Hashmat is the best guide we have ever had. His enthusiasm and friendliness were never-ending. I felt like I was his special friend (but I'm sure everyone else in our group felt the same!).
— Susan C., Alamo, CA
Royal Rajasthan
Hashmat was a terrific guide and host. His passion for the area was contagious and his knowledge invaluable.
— David R., Port Alberni, British Columbia
Abbott Trek to Upper Dolpo
Hashmat is the best trip leader we have had on our 10 trips with WT. He knows culture, religions, food, nature—you name it. He is simply outstanding.
— Tom A., Urbana, IL
Treasures of South India
Hashmat remains one of your "superstars." His helpfulness and knowledge are unsurpassed and I'd recommend him as a guide to anyone.
— Jeff P., Paradise Valley, AZ
Treasures of South India
Hashmat is a wonderfully knowledgeable and enthusiastic leader.
— James S., Washington, DC
Royal Rajasthan - Nagaur Fair
Hashmat is an exceptional leader. His love and knowledge of Indian history, culture, religions, current events, etc. gave me a deeper appreciation of the country. His warmth, high spirits and wit made the journey all the more delightful.
— Sandi H., New York, NY
Royal Rajasthan - Nagaur Fair
Cannot say enough about what an excellent leader Hashmat is. That a number of our group had been with him on several other trips is a testament to his guiding prowess.
— Ed F., Annapolis, MD
Tribal India
Hashmat is an incredibly talented leader and it's no wonder clients follow wherever he goes. We are now Hashmat groupies!
— Ann & Jon S., Orlando, FL
Royal Rajasthan - Pushkar Fair
Just a consummate professional. Would rate him at the top of his field. Incredible enthusiasm, energy and knowledge. Most importantly, the man cares about his people and clients.
— Karen W., Greenwich, CT
Ladakh: The Tso Moriri Trek
Hashmat is a great trip leader—there are very few individuals who are as knowledgeable about culture and natural history of the region.
— Henry P., Boston, MA
Snow Leopard Trek to Shey Gompa
My fifth trip with Hashmat, all of which have been outstanding. His knowledge and experience are unsurpassed, and he is a great trip companion. I'm looking forward to the next trip!
— Marilyn H., Barnstable, MA
Snow Leopard Trek to Shey Gompa
One could not ask for a better guide than Hashmat: knowledgable, kind, funny, resourceful.
— Priscilla H., Cockeysville, MD
Sikkim, Darjeeling and Bhutan
Twelve trips with Hashmat so far. Need I say more?
— Jack H., Cockeysville, MD
Sikkim, Darjeeling and Bhutan
I get why so many people go on journey after journey with Hashmat. He is knowledgeable, professional, and always knows just what to do.
— Mary M., Superstition Mtn, AZ
Sikkim, Darjeeling and Bhutan
Hashmat is a treasure. He knows the country, loves it, makes everyone around him enthusiastic and comfortable, and gets along with an incredible variety of personalities.
— Lisa T., Hamden, CT
Treasures of South India
Hashmat always brings all his heart to his trips, teaching history, culture, the sense of India.
— Debra B., Jackson, WY
Expedition to Hampi and Ajanta
Hashmat was simply the very best. He has great knowledge, knows how to share it to the group, interacts with us on a personal basis, is considerate of our needs, and has personality second to none.
— Mark L., Melbourne Beach, FL
Royal Rajasthan - Nagaur Fair
This man is an amazing treasure! He made the trip so memorable, and made us crave more.
— Abbe L., Melbourne Beach, FL
Royal Rajasthan - Nagaur Fair
Once again Hashmat knocked one out of the park! So many wonderful sights and new experiences all brought to life with his brilliant leadership. Can hardly wait to travel with him again.
— Peter F., Cambria, CA
Sikkim, Darjeeling and Bhutan
Eleven trips with Hashmat so far. What more is there to say?
— Jack H., Cockeysville, MD
Hiking the Haute Route
Wow—best trip leader I've ever encountered! Always personable, informative, organized yet spontaneous, thorough, pro-active. A real treasure.
— Elizabeth L., Santa Barbara, CA
Royal Rajasthan - Nagaur Fair
Hash is a terrific guide in every way, the consummate professional, concerned with individual's needs. His passion for India is palpable and contagious, and his leadership is an integral part of what makes this trip so special.
— Kristin E., Morristown, NJ
Royal Rajasthan - Nagaur Fair
Hashmat is truly one of your 'stars!'
— Jeff P., Paradise Valley, AZ
Hidden Kingdom of Mustang
Hashmat is an inspiring trip leader, extremely knowledgeable, both in terms of cultural and historical aspects and the area traveled, and very supportive of staff and trekkers. It was a real privilege to trek with him and I hope I have the opportunity to do so again.
— Henry P., Boston, MA
Around Manaslu
I cannot imagine a better guide...always helpful and knowledgeable about the history and culture of the trip!
— Craig K., Sewickley, PA
Royal Rajasthan - Pushkar Fair
This is my fifth trip with Hashmat. He is affable and unflappable.
— Lisa C., Seattle WA
Hashmat was terrific. He is so knowledgeable and proud of his country. He made India come alive for all of us. We loved his enthusiasm and encouragement.
— Barbara C., Toronto, Canada
This is our second trip with Hashmat–he’s a great leader.
— Betty R., Lexington MA
Royal Rajasthan
This is my fourth WT trip and second with Hashmat. He is the best!
— Matthew H., Ukiah CA
Treasures of South India
Again, Wilderness Travel exceeded my expectations! Hashmat and Ang Tsering took extra care to locate beautiful, quiet, set-apart campsites off the main trail.
— Amy S., Denver CO
Ultimate Evereset
We couldn’t have asked for a better trip leader than Hashmat Singh. This trip raised our standards to a new high!
— Ann and Fred S., Wyoming OH
Royal Rajasthan
Hashmat is simply the best!
— Mary C. Farnsworth, Fort Mills SC
Royal Rajasthan
I can’t tell you how comfortable I feel traveling with Hashmat. The experiences he provided for us were unforgettable.
— Melinda M., Berkeley CA
Treasures of South India
As always Hashmat organized a rich and full trip experience. Not only was he, as usual, an incredibly well organized and knowledgeable leader, but added to our experience by keeping away from the usual tourist crowds and arranging special events to entertain, relax, and teach us. He remains an ideal leader who deserves his superb reputation.
— Michel and Deborah W.
Hidden Rajasthan
Hashmat Singh is without question the best leader, hiker, and friend any WT client could hope to have. His enthusiasm and curiosity is contagious.
— Stephanie B., Cambridge, MA
Hashmat Singh’s knowledge, experience, and professionalism are of the highest order.
— Philip and Sally M., Wersham, Wrexham
Hashmat Singh is a remarkably effective leader. I think I have joined the Hashmat Fan Club.
— John N., Monarch Beach, CA
Hashmat is always on task, behind the scenes as well as during events.
— Nancy W., Prescott AZ
Himalayan Mountain Kingdoms Photo Expedition
What can I say? He’s the best!
— Fulton W., Prescott AZ
Himalayan Mountain Kingdoms Photo Expedition
I understand why Hashmat has a committed group of fans who will follow him anywhere, who choose trips according to his leadership. He is knowledgeable, passionate, wonderful.
— Andrea L., Brooklyn NY
Annapurna Adventure
Hashmat is simply the best. Knowledge, communication, attention to detail, adding special experiences, and he’s a really fun person to be with.
— William N., Long Beach CA
Treasures of South India