Hiking Eastern Greenland and Iceland's Westfjords

Hiking Adventures in Surreal Landscapes

Trip Level

This wonderful adventure in one of the most remote corners of the world is best suited for experienced hikers. Our hikes feature up to 2,600 feet of elevation gain or loss, and are up to 13 miles in length—be ready for some wonderfully full hiking days! The hiking terrain can be rough and rocky, often with no distinct trail, and we will have some short hikes on glaciers, with rough snow and ice underfoot. No technical gear (crampons, ice axes) is necessary, but on all hikes, hiking poles will be very useful. This is wild country, and all participants should be ready for hiking in a beautiful, but unmanicured landscape. It’s a big part of the appeal! Note: While we are hiking in Greenland, our guide will be carrying a rifle. Polar bears are rarely seen around the towns, but they can be sighted anywhere, and for the safety of the group, our guide will have a rifle with him on all walks. This is the same policy we follow in Africa on our walking safaris.

The weather in this part of the world is notoriously variable, and participants must come prepared for the strong winds and sudden weather changes of Iceland and Greenland. Proper hiking gear is essential, and a full packing list will be sent with your pre-departure information. (Note: A duffel is strongly preferable to soft-sided luggage because of the limitations of the helicopter we take on Day 1.) The weather will have the final say in our daily itinerary. We will do our best to complete all activities as outlined in this itinerary, but the safety of the group is of primary importance, and will be the guiding factor in our decisions.


Temperatures should be in the mid 50s, perfect for hiking. The weather can provide spectacular clear days but can also be very wet and changeable, and we want you to be well prepared for all you may encounter. Weather in Iceland and Greenland is always unpredictable, so you must come prepared for at least some rain and bring appropriate rain gear. It is unlikely that it will be truly hot. Trip members need to remain flexible in consideration of inclement weather that may require changes, such as substituting different hiking routes or changing the planned itinerary. Water activities such as our boating excursion are also dependent on sea forecasts.

Choosing the Right Trip

We work hard to help you choose the right trip for you, paying attention to your individual interests, abilities, and needs. If you have questions about the level of comfort or any of the activities described in this itinerary, please contact us.


We are proud to have an exceptionally high rate of repeat travelers. For more information, we would be happy to put you in touch with a client who has traveled with us.