Greenland Wildlife and Nature Safari

Whales, Musk Ox, Icebergs, and Hiking on the Ice Cap

Client Comments

This trip was amazing and exceeded our expectations! Itinerary and coordination were just perfect!
— Deborah P., Mahwah, NJ
The itinerary was great, and the scenery was breathtaking. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was—didn’t expect that in Greenland.
— Ken G., Orlando, FL
A beautiful trip in a wonderful setting. The last hike was spectacular!
— Jeff L., Sioux Falls, SD
A perfect itinerary allowing one to experience the varied and multi-faceted beauty of Greenland. It's so much more than you expect! The fjords are breathtaking, the ice is intoxicating, spotting wildlife—thrilling! I cannot believe I was kayaking around icebergs…at midnight! Greenland is sheer delight for your eyes! AND, gloriously under-crowded.
— Kathie D., Belle Isle, FL