Hidden Villages of Northern Greece

The Vikos Gorge, Meteora, and the Abode of Zeus

Client Comments

Wonderful excursion—the blend of history, hiking, and outstanding food and lodging make this an A+ outing.
— Erin O., Anchorage, AK
An absolutely wonderful trip—perfect for anyone looking to get it away from it all with beautiful challenging hikes.
— Angela A., Charlottesville, VA
I loved exploring this part of Greece—a unique area and so much beauty and history.
— Cora L., Gunnison, CO
I am so grateful I had this opportunity to see Greece on foot. My highest regards to Kostas and his team; they showed me the difference between a Sunday stroll and a real hike up the mountain.
— Charlene W., Torrance, CA
Terrific trip. Kostas is a superb guide with enthusiasm for all things Greek.
— Bill B., Portland, OR
Greece: Zagoria and Mt. Olympus
I'd go again, just to be with Kostas, eat the food, and see the vistas!
— Laura B., Tucson, AZ
Every day was an adventure with new sites and challenges.
— Walter K., Wilton, CT
Trip exceeded our expectations and should be on everyone's to-do list.
— Jim and Carol B., Kensington, MD
We had a great time, off the beaten path, away from the crowds, the best lodging available in the area.
— Holly S., Boulder, CO
This was a very unusual experience that we couldn't have had on our own, with Kostas sharing his knowledge of this area that he knows so well.
— Ollie H., Castle Rock, CO
This is a great way to experience Greece.
— Barbara Kay C., Brighton, CO
The time in Zagoria was especially magical. The food was spectacular and unforgettable. We enjoyed staying in smaller guest houses—all good choices.
— Tom H., Shoreline, WA
The trip was a wonderful introduction to Greece. We loved everything we saw—the people, the food, the incredible history.
— Frederick L., Cobham, Surrey, UK
Once again, WT comes through with a memorable and unique experience.
— Susan L., Cobham, Surrey, UK
Nothing beats a day of challenging exercise followed by a great dinner surrounded by friends. I’ve taken a number of exceptional trips, but this one will be hard to beat.
— Candy H., Del Mar, CA
This is a very well designed trip.
— Margaret H., Washington, DC
I loved the entire experience! The “Big Greek Kostas” showed us the country he loves—with style!
— Diane G., Vista, CA