Hiking in the Greek Isles

Hidden Trails and Golden Beaches of the Cyclades


Here are the Trip Leaders scheduled for this journey (please note that leader assignments are subject to change).

Merlin karolos

Karolos Merlin

Karolos Merlin, or “Charles” as his English friends call him, has been leading treks through the Greek countryside for more than 20 years. Born to an Austrian mother and Greek father of English origin, he lived in Austria until he was 7, when his family ...

Panagiotopoulou dimitra

Dimitra Panagiotopoulou

Departure Dates: May 15-27, 2023, June 1-13, 2023, September 18-30, 2023

Dimitra Panagiotopoulou’s love of adventure was sparked in childhood as she followed her father and grandfather on hunting expeditions into the Greek woods. After completing her education, she worked as a sales manager at a big company for over a dozen years, ...

Panagiotopoulou stela

Stela Panagiotopoulou

After a career managing several companies in Greece, Stela met Trip Leader Konstantinos (Ntinos) Papoulas, who passed along his love of the mountains to her. Like him, she decided to change her life and now helps lead our adventures in Greece. Stela is an artist who ...

Papoulas konstantinos

Konstantinos Papoulas

Konstantinos (Ntinos), a native of Thessaloniki, studied law and economics in college, and subsequently worked for more than 25 years as a director of the National Bank of Greece. From a young age, though, he loved hiking with his family in the mountainous wilderness ...

Vasileiou kostas

Kostas Vasileiou

Departure Dates: May 15-27, 2023, June 1-13, 2023, September 18-30, 2023

Kostas Vasileiou was born and raised in Ioannina, Greece, and now lives in the historic village of Kipi in the Vikos Gorge. He holds a professional mountain guide's license from the Alpine Club of Greece and has also led trekking expeditions in Nepal. "Being a Trip ...