Tour du Mont Blanc

On Foot from France to Italy to Switzerland


Here are the Trip Leaders scheduled for this journey (please note that leader assignments are subject to change).

Buckley killian

Killian Buckley

Killian Buckley grew up at the foot of the mountains in the McGillicuddy Reeks, Ireland’s highest range. He spent his youth climbing in these mountains, but it wasn’t until he returned from London, where he worked as a chef in one of the city’s top ...

Burford tim

Tim Burford

Tim Burford’s goal to explore the world led him to write nine hiking guidebooks for destinations from Latin America to central Europe, including the definitive Travel Guide to Georgia (the former Soviet Union). With hiking poles in hand, he has been leading ...

Doyle jack

Jack Doyle

Jack Doyle, born in Ireland, is a qualified International Mountain Leader whose love of all things hilly was cultivated from a young age. He discovered rock climbing in secondary school and has hardly taken off his chalk bag since. Jack’s college years coincided ...

Florence heather

Heather Florence

Departure Dates: September 8-16, 2021

Heather Florence was raised in the north of England and developed her love of the mountains early while on family hiking trips in North Wales and the Lake District. The lure of the mountains eventually led her to Chamonix, France, where she lives in her tiny ...

Frison laurence

Laurence Frison

Traveler, hiker, skier, and guide by passion, and graphic designer by trade, Laurence (“Lolo”) Frison embodies the life of an adventurer. She spent a decade exploring the world from Africa to Australia, including a three-month road trip from Vancouver to ...

Fuss james

James Fuss

James Fuss is a trekking guide, photographer, cyclist, and chef extraordinaire. Born and raised in South Australia, James found his wanderlust early on family camping trips across Australia. His love of the culinary arts is deep-rooted as well, and as a young chef, he ...

Hallewell peter

Peter Hallewell

Peter Hallewell, or “the mountain goat,” as his family affectionately calls him, loves to explore the great outdoors: walking, hiking, climbing mountains on skis or on foot, and snowshoeing. His passion for the outdoors first developed on family holidays ...

Johnston julien

Julien Johnston

Julien has lived in southwest France since 1981 and in the Pyrenees since 1990, but his roots are in Northumberland in northeast England. He has been a hiker since his youth on the North Sea coast, did marine studies in the merchant fleet, then heeded the call of the ...

Kaye jonny

Jonny Kaye

From the peaks of the French Alps to Italy’s Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales in England, Jonny Kaye has traveled and traversed countless mountain ranges, guiding groups of intrepid hikers along the way. “I spend every minute of my spare time either ...

Masi tania

Tania Masi

Departure Dates: September 5-13, 2021

Born in Florence, Italy, of an American mother and proud Florentine father, Tania Masi was raised with an appreciation for both American and European cultures. Her passion for hiking has started at a very early age and today she holds an International Mountain Leader ...

Perret tanya

Tanya Perret

Departure Dates: September 8-16, 2021

Tanya Perret has had a passion for the mountains for as long as she can remember. Originally from Bath, England, she fell in love with the Alps and the Himalayas and since 1997 has led over 100 hiking trips in those regions. She has  climbed both Mont Blanc and ...

Renard stephan

Stephan Renard

Departure Dates: September 5-13, 2021

Stephan Renard was born in Grenoble in the French Alps and grew up in the wild and remote Vercors region of the Rhône-Alpes, where he gained his passion for hiking, climbing, and skiing. A professional mountain leader and ski instructor since his youth, he loves ...

Roberts clive

Clive Roberts

“My biggest passion in life is the mountains,” says Clive Roberts. “Climbing them, traveling through them, working in them, living in them.” Since 1995, Clive has led groups on every continent, and often brings his guitar along on the hikes, ...

Simpson simone

Simone Simpson

Departure Dates: August 27-September 4, 2021

An avid enthusiast of wilderness and backcountry experiences, Simone taught outdoor education in the Snowdonian mountains of Wales for 13 years before moving to the southern French Alps, where she leads treks in the Alpes Maritimes. Her leadership stints have taken ...

Sotriffer vicky

Vicky Sotriffer

Vicky Sotriffer thrives in new places as an adventure-seeking traveler and Trip Leader. She has led trips on nearly every continent for more than 10 years, including safari hikes, city tours, and sea kayaking trips. Originally from South Tyrol, Italy, Vicky now ...

Tennent mark

Mark Tennent

Departure Dates: August 27-September 4, 2021

A native of Bath, England, Mark quickly learned his calling was in the mountains. He completed a specialist Outdoor Education course and a Bachelor of Education degree at Bangor Normal College in North Wales and subsequently instructed at various outdoor centers ...