Prehistoric Caves and Great Cuisine of France

From Bordeaux to Provence

Trip Level

The hiking on this trip is Level 2+, Easy to Moderate. We enjoy day walks over variable terrain, including country roads, riverside trails, and clifftop paths. The trails are generally shaded, and there are some stony sections, but no dangerous conditions or scrambling. We will carry just a daypack. Well broken-in hiking boots are recommended but sturdy walking shoes with good traction may be suitable for some days.

Please note that in Europe, the dinner hour is considerably later than what it is in the US. We do our best to secure early reservations for our groups, but most often the evening meal will be at 7:30 pm.

A Note on Accommodations: In an effort to capture the spirit of old Europe, the hotels that we use are often family-run converted chateaux or inns, full of ambiance and colorful local history. Although the rooms are not always of uniform or international size, our leaders try their best to assign rooms in a fair way so that all participants experience an equal advantage throughout the trip as a whole.


Temperatures are mild, reaching the high 70s or low 80s middays in summer.The weather is variable so be prepared for variety: it can be warm and pleasant, or damp and chilly, and there is always the possibility of an occasional shower. Bring lightweight rain gear that will fit into your daypack.

Choosing the Right Trip

We work hard to help you choose the right trip for you, paying attention to your individual interests, abilities, and needs. If you have questions about the level of comfort or any of the activities described in this itinerary, please contact us.


We are proud to have an exceptionally high rate of repeat travelers. For more information, we would be happy to put you in touch with a client who has traveled with us.

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