Lapland Adventures

Dogsleds, Sámi Culture, and Snowshoeing

Client Comments

A wonderful trip, beautifully structured and magical.
— Jerry M., Snohomish, WA
This was a trip filled with great variety of new and different experiences for most of us. Really a wonderful time.
— Gail L., Boulder, CO
Doe-eyed reindeer, dog sleds, snow-draped trees in hidden forests, tipis, glass-topped igloos, snowshoes, saunas, laughter, and homemade doughnuts are my treasured Lapland Memories...and light, always the light.
— Kathryn S., Mountain Village, CO
So much fun with so many diverse activities in a beautiful country.
— Renee V., Los Altos, CA
The northern lights delivered a spectacular show. We were kept busy the whole time and it went by way too fast.
— Sandy M., Prescott, AZ
The trip was outstanding. I know other travelers will love this trip.
— Jeanna F., Paradise Valley, AZ
A really fun trip with lots of interesting and challenging active adventures.
— Nancy F., New York, NY
Ingrid was AMAZING! She put together an incredible itinerary that showcased the Lapland culture, cuisine, and landscape beautifully. So very fortunate to have been on this trip with her!
— Dianne B., Evanston, IL
Expedition to Lapland
It was a fun trip, full of wonder and amazement in a new place.
— Pat K., Walnut Creek, CA