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Quito Extension

Picture-Perfect Plazas and Architectrual Treasures

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enchanted galapagos underwater sea turtle

Enchanted Isles

Wonders of the Western Islands

Voyage through the western islands of the Galápagos, snorkel with playful sea lions, hike past dancing blue-footed boobies, and experience the wonder of Darwin's islands on this fascinating 8-day cruise.

10 days from: $6895

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galapagos adventure boy with giant tortoise

Galapagos Adventure

Exploring the Eastern Islands of the Galápagos

Cruise the eastern islands of Darwin's famed archipelago, including Genovesa Island, prime nesting site of beautiful red-footed boobies, colorful South Plaza Island, with its hybrid iguanas, and Santa Fé, a great place to snorkel.

10 days from: $6895

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galapagos south plaza island tourist photographing iguana

Galapagos Private Journey

Exploring Darwin’s Islands aboard the Passion

Aboard the 14-guest <em>Passion</em> with your naturalist guide, set off into Darwin’s world for an active journey full of nature hikes and wildlife wonders, including fantastic snorkeling with playful sea lions.

8 days from: $82,600

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hacienda cusin ecuador

Great Hikes, Haciendas, and Volcanoes of Ecuador

Explore from the Cloud Forest to an Ice-Draped Volcano

Hike in Ecuador's mystical cloud forests of Mashpi, on the slopes of snow-capped Cotopaxi, and enjoy wonderful cultural experiences and gourmet cuisine.

9 days from: $5395

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ultimate san cristobal island galapagos people kayaking

Ultimate Galapagos

A Wildlife Experience Unlike Any Other on the Planet

Aboard our delightful 16-passenger sailing yacht, set out for a comprehensive 15-day cruise through all the major islands of Darwin's "enchanted" archipelago and enjoy one of the greatest natural history experiences in the world.

17 days from: $10,995

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