In the Wake of Cleopatra

Sailing to the Temples of the Nile

Trip Level

This trip is rated Level 1+, Easiest, according to our trip grading system. It is a cultural and archaeological adventure with day walks exploring the fascinating ruins and wonderful towns in this ancient and modern land. Please note that we have several early morning starts, especially on days with air travel. Some days we tour only a half day, while on other days, we tour for a full day. There is plenty of free time planned so that you can explore, shop on your own, or simply relax.

Our home base for five nights is the 100-foot dahabiya Lazuli III - L'Orient, a traditional Nile sailboat built at the end of the 19th century and completely refitted in 2003. She is air conditioned and has two decks and four double or twin cabins and one suite with private baths. The Lazuli III - L'Orient is sail-powered only, but will use motor-boat assistance in cases of low wind. Public spaces on Lazuli III - L'Orient include an interior lounge and a large shaded deck where meals are served. There are electrical outlets in the cabins for charging batteries. (You will need a voltage converter and plug adaptor). Meals are on board the Lazuli III - L'Orient. Bottled water is available on board as well as tea and coffee. A selection of imported wine and beer is available for purchase. There is no corkage fee for trip members who bring their own.


Egypt's climate is hot and dry most of the year. During the winter months (Dec-Feb), average daily temperatures are in the upper 60s°F on the Mediterranean coast and in the 80s°F in Aswan. In spring and fall, daytime temperatures can get up to the 90s°F. It can be quite cool in the evening, especially when on the Nile River (and please note: there is no heat aboard the Lazuli III - L’Orient). From January through March, the temperature is cooler, down to the 50s°F and 60s°F during the day, and dropping much lower at night, sometimes into the low 40s°F. Egypt has a very dry climate, which makes a temperature of 80°F feel much cooler than it would in a humid, tropical climate.

Choosing the Right Trip

We work hard to help you choose the right trip for you, paying attention to your individual interests, abilities, and needs. If you have questions about the level of comfort or any of the activities described in this itinerary, please contact us.


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