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Secrets of the Pharaohs

Ahmed Abul Ella

From guiding groups to the intricate temples at Abydos and Dendara, to simply sailing down the Nile River, to sharing the connections between modern and ancient Egypt, Ahmed’s expertise in history and culture adds invaluable insight as a Trip Leader. “We are all students in the temple of knowledge,” he says. With multiple degrees in ancient history and biblical studies, and the author of two books: Prophets and Pharaohs and By Way of Accident, Ahmed makes a fantastic companion in these ancient realms. When not leading trips, he spends time with his family in Cairo, where they live, enjoys traveling in off-the-beaten-path regions of the Western Desert of Egypt, and is a frequent contributor to British publications. In the spring of 2013, Ahmed scouted our Expedition to Sudan trip and has since led several trips to explore the pyramids of northern Sudan.

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Client Testimonials

Ahmed was wonderful, extremely knowledgeable and engaging. I can't imagine a better guide. We learned so much and he engaged the grandkids at every opportunity. He organized the places we went to avoid the crowds and gave us great advice on which pyramids and tombs were worth the effort. He made everything run smoothly.
— Donna D., Castle Rock, CO
Egypt Private Journey
Ahmed was an outstanding guide. His detailed knowledge of the field and sophisticated historical perspective, his insights into specific eras and individuals, and his comprehension of artistic and cultural matters, all combined with his superb communication skills, made the entire experience an education and a pleasure.
— Janet B., New York, NY
In the Wake of Cleopatra
Ahmed was amazing—knowledgeable, friendly, and always available with answers to our questions. He willingly shared his knowledge with us and made sure we had the best experience possible.
— Sandra P., Blue Bell, PA
In the Wake of Cleopatra
Traveling with Ahmed was like travelling as part of a History or Discovery Channel team. His knowledge of both ancient history and current events of the area was encyclopedic and he had a very engaging way of sharing his knowledge through stories, making history significantly more tangible than merely citing dates and statistics.
— Joseph W., San Marcos, CA
Pyramids to Petra
Ahmed's wealth of historical knowledge of Egypt and Jordan enriched my experience and made the trip amazing.
— Baird B., Grand Junction, CO
Pyramids to Petra
Ahmed was a very impressive guide. The knowledge he imparted made the trip so very meaningful.
— Claudia F., Walnut Creek, CA
Pyramids to Petra
Ahmed is one of the best team leaders that we have had over the years. His knowledge of Egypt and Jordan is unmatched. Excellent on the organization side as well.Assistant Leaders (for example: naturalist guide, camp manager, sirdar)
— Jacques P., Chicago, IL
Pyramids to Petra
Ahmed was awesome. Really made the trip wonderful for all of us. Really appreciated his knowledge and would never want anyone other than him when in Egypt. I hope to have an ongoing friendship with him.
— Steve S., Huntington Beach, CA
In the Wake of Cleopatra
Ahmed is extremely well organized and very intelligent. He communicated his passion for his country consistently and with good humor.
— Kristin E., Morristown, NJ
Pyramids to Petra
Ahmed was extremely knowledgeable in all respects. Personable, friendly, with broad knowledge of the Middle East. He exceeded all expectations.
— Jerry M., Snohomish, WA
Expedition to Sudan
Ahmed is an outstanding tour leader. He always did his best to look out for his clients and his professionalism is exceptional. We were lucky to have him.
— Ali K., New York, NY
Expedition to Sudan
Ahmed is the best guide I have ever had on any trip, and I have traveled a lot. He was extraordinarily knowledgeable about Egyptology and made the past come alive with his stories. He had an ongoing concern about the needs of local people, and discussed with us the revolution and the current political situation in his country. And he always had a Plan B in his pocket!
— Lisa H., Healdsburg, CA
In the Wake of Cleopatra
Ahmed was a wealth of information, sharing his insights and firsthand knowledge of ancient sites along with current events and culture.
— Pearl K., Palo Alto, CA
In the Wake of Cleopatra
 Ahmed was helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient—one of the best guides we have had on a WT trip.
— Tom M., Glen Ellen, CA
In the Wake of Cleopatra
His knowledge of Egyptian history was phenomenal and really made the trip. We especially enjoyed his talks on hieroglyphics—lots of fun!
— William B., Portland OR
He is one of the best guides we’ve ever had—an excellent teacher and fun to be with.
— Joyce S., Bloomington MN
Ahmed made the trip fulfilling with his professional knowledge and personal touch. He was very attentive to the group and provided us with a wealth of information to help us absorb all the new knowledge we were getting.
— Pamela G., Chicago IL
As a trip leader, Ahmed Ali is superb in all areas—and fun, too!
— Ruth M., Kernersville NC
Ahmed gave us good, in-depth information and he obviously loves his work.
— Janna L., Santa Cruz CA
A first-class guide, succinct, passionate, personable.
— Tom B., Woodside CA
In the Wake of Cleopatra
Ahmed is the best guide we’ve ever had. His knowledge in so many dimensions just kept unveiling itself.
— Brenda C., Woodside, CA
In the Wake of Cleopatra
Ahmed made each day exciting, entertaining, and fun!
— Jane K, Portland OR
In the Wake of Cleopatra
Ahmed could not have done a better job. He went above and beyond what he had to do to care for us. We loved him. He was a lot of fun too.
— Diedre C., Covington LA
Land of the Pharaohs
Ahmed was the perfect leader, sensitive to everyone’s needs and concerns.
— Frederic W., Egg Harbor, WI
In the Wake of Cleopatra
Ahmed was an excellent trip leader, we couldn’t have asked for anyone better. His extensive knowledge was fabulous and he really cared about making sure everyone on the trip had an enjoyable experience and got everything they wanted out of the trip. I would highly recommend him!
— Kate M., Quincy MA
In the Wake of Cleopatra
Ahmed is a truly excellent trip leader. His thorough knowledge of all things Egyptian really took the trip from good to great.
— Kay K., Sterling VA
Land of the Pharaohs
Ahmed was one of the best leaders we have had on a group trip. He has knowledge and passion for his work.
— Ellen and Albert S., Princeton, NJ
In the Wake of Cleopatra