Wonders of Ancient Egypt Symposium

An Archaeology Exploration from Giza to Luxor

December 3-14, 2022

In Egypt, the ancient and mysterious land synonymous with the very concept of archaeology, new discoveries continue to emerge from the sands. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Howard Carter’s revelatory discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb, the opening of the aptly named Grand Egyptian Museum, and these remarkable new finds, Wilderness Travel is bringing together some of the world’s leading Egyptologists to share the Wonders of Ancient Egypt. Our fascinating 12-day traveling symposium of presentations visits Egypt’s renowned sites, brings us from the pyramids of Giza to Abu Simbel, and includes a luxury cruise down the Nile from Aswan to Luxor, where we explore the famed West Bank in depth. Along the way, we anticipate special “behind the scenes” access to some of the exciting new discoveries not open to the public, such as the Village of the Pyramid Builders at Giza, Wahti's Tomb at Saqqara, and the “Lost Golden City of Luxor,” pending permission from the authorities.

As we travel the length of Egypt visiting the ancient treasures unearthed from its desert sands, our symposium group—just 60 participants—has the extraordinary opportunity to meet with these ground-breaking archaeologists, learn firsthand about their work, and enjoy a rare “insider’s” look at one of the world’s most astounding civilizations. While the final faculty of guest speakers is not yet confirmed, at this time we expect to include Dr. Zahi Hawass, considered Egypt’s foremost Egyptologist; Dr. Salima Ikram, professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo and the world's leading expert on animal mummies; Dr. Kent Weeks, who discovered the Tomb of the Sons of Ramses II, one of the greatest archaeological finds of the century; and Dr. Mark Lehner, probably the most famous living expert on the Great Pyramids, who discovered what is believed to be the Village of the Pyramid Builders. If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the wonders of Egypt—and seeing them through the eyes of the world’s leading Egyptologists—join us for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. We expect to have complete information available in the summer of 2021. Send us a message and we will be sure to include you when we announce the program!

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