Ultimate Galapagos aboard the Mary Anne

The Most Comprehensive Adventure in the Islands


Here are the Trip Leaders scheduled for this journey (please note that leader assignments are subject to change).

Espinoza bitinia

Bitinia Espinoza

Bitinia Espinoza, better known as Biti, is a native of the Galápagos whose family has lived in the islands since the 1930s. She graduated from the University of Guayaquil with studies in natural history and has been guiding groups in the ...

Guerrero cecibel

Cecibel Guerrero

When you grow up in one of the most diverse and extraordinary places on earth, it seems only right to invest your time and energy in keeping that place special, and Cecibel “Ceci” Guerrero is no exception. Originally from Ecuador, Ceci guided in the ...

Ortiz fernando

Fernando Ortiz

Fernando Ortiz first came to the Galápagos in 1997 as a scuba instructor, also becoming part of Ecuador’s first underwater video production team. Joining the Galápagos National Park Service, he managed various marine conservation projects around the ...

Tiddo post jan

Jan Tiddo Post

Jan was raised on the west coast of the Netherlands, with outdoor adventure right at his doorstep. He lived his early days sailing, surfing, or cycling. After working on a private sailing yacht in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, he developed an interest ...

Vargas silvia

Silvia Vargas

Departure Dates: June 16-July 1, 2023

Silvia Vargas is in love with the Galápagos Islands and has been since high school, when she first visited from her hometown of Guayaquil, Ecuador. Her passion for the islands drew her back to live in the Galápagos where she works as a certified ...