Galapagos Adventure

Exploring the Eastern Islands of the Galápagos

Our Galapagos Yachts

Choosing the right yacht makes all the difference to your experience, and we’ve selected two of the absolute best in the islands for our adventures: the Mary Anne, an elegant tall sailing ship, and the Passion, a luxurious motor yacht making its debut in the islands this year. Because the Mary Anne has a steel hull and deep keel, it is impressively stable as it travels between islands, while the Passion features wonderfully effective stabilizers to minimize motion at sea. Onboard, the Mary Anne’s comfortable cabins and the Passion’s spacious staterooms and suites have individual climate control, and each yacht’s deck space offers panoramic views. And our cuisine aboard the Mary Anne and the Passion is unmatched. Many of our meal’s ingredients are locally sourced: our bread comes from a women’s cooperative bakery on the islands, vegetables are grown on an organic farm on Santa Cruz Island, juices are from locally grown fruits, and even the ice cream comes from the Galápagos Cooking School! The delightful menus include local specialties, from fresh ceviche to crispy, golden llapingachos, a special dish of Ecuador.


Listed below are our signature accommodations for this trip. Although it is highly unlikely, we may make substitutions when necessary.

Guayquil hotel 01

Guayaquil Hotel

Guayaquil, Ecuador
Day 1 (1 night), Day 9 (1 night)

In Guayaquil, we stay at one of the following properties based on which boat you travel on:

Oro Verde (Mary Anne)
Hotel del Parque (Passion)

Mary Anne

Mary Anne

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
Days 2 to 8 (7 nights)

In legendary square-rigger tradition, the Mary Anne offers the truly romantic ambiance of a tall sailing ship. With her elegant design, she ...



Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Days 2 to 8 (7 nights)

If you want to experience the Galápagos in supreme comfort, a cruise aboard the 14-guest Passion is the way to go! Originally a ...

Extension Accommodations

If you would like to view the accommodations offered with our extensions options:

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