From Bratislava to Prague

Country Walks, Medieval Towns, and an Old World Culture

Client Comments

We were totally delighted with this trip. It had the right amount of hiking and towns and cities. We got a wonderful understanding of the Czech Republic history (especially 20th century with World Wars, Nazis, Communism, and independence), culture, and food. The best part was the guides, who made the trip fun and interesting.
— Sallie W., Cincinnati, OH
We really can't say enough about Zuzana and Jiri—they make an excellent team! They have great pride in their country and it shows in everything they do—whether it's hiking through beautiful forests, visiting wonderful castles and exceptionally charming towns (with Cesky Krumlov the jewel in the crown), recounting the history of the Czech Republic and their own personal memories of growing up under the Soviet occupation—everything they said and did was with love and passion for their country. We were fortunate to have superb guides, a very cohesive and fun group, and another wonderful trip from Wilderness Travel.
— Midge M., Alameda, CA
I enthusiastically recommend this trip. The combination of the beautiful walks, the ancient castles and chateaus and the preserved villages with their Renaissance architecture and cobbled streets, make this a special trip. Prague was magical.
— Gary B., Hanover, NH
This was an amazing opportunity to get to know an area of the world I had never visited. The combination of hikin, guides, and great conversations will live with me forever. I feel privileged to have experienced this very personal adventure.
— Sonya M., Cary, NC
Truly an exceptional trip that allows you to experience the culture, history, and outdoors of the Czech Republic!
— Chris R., Denver, CO
Our guides provided us with experiences off the tourist track that allowed us to see their country through their eyes. We were able to see a Czech Republic beyond Prague and Cesky Krumlov.
— Kathleen C., Minneapolis, MN
A wonderful trip, great pacing, and the guides obviously truly loved their country. We all enjoyed their depth of knowledge and attention to all the details.
— Neill A., Napa, CA
It was a good balance of hiking, dining, sightseeing, learning local history, and other activities. Both guides' personal stories they shared of World War II and the communist era were memorable and wonderful.
— Rick K., Madison, WI
The itinerary was very well crafted, full of unexpected delights, and each venue was clearly thoughtfully planned to highlight the culture, history, and beauty of the area. Bravo! Zuzana and Jiri were a great team and went out of their way to make everyone feel special. It was great fun to spend the time with them and we will miss their infectious love of their country.
— Liz K., Madison, WI
The Czech Republic is a beautiful country and the hikes that were selected were always scenic. Everything was very well organized and professionally handled by our guides and van driver—no glitches!
— Barbara K., Santa Fe, NM
I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. The guides were outstanding and there was a fine mix of hiking and cultural exploration.
— Anne P., Urbana, IL
For our first guided adventure, we couldn't have asked for a better trip. Loved the fact that the focus was on the smaller towns, and we were taken to out-of-the-way castles I'd never have found on my own. Having two personable guides was quite a luxury—we felt very at home with both of them.
— Lisa S., Los Gatos, CA
It was a fabulous trip; we were able to see the beautiful countryside, share some time with the people (thanks to Zuzana), and learn so much about Czech culture and the history of this little known country.
— Nancy M., Orleans, MA
Our trip was terrific. We found the Czech Republic fascinating and enjoyed every minute of it.
— Jeff B., Newton, MA
A great trip—an excellent mix of culture (castles and architecture), hiking, and the chance to see the highlights of the Czech Republic.
— Gary J., San Francisco, CA
This trip was another example of what a first class operation you have at Wilderness. The entire trip went seamlessly from start to finish.
— Cathy S., Charlotte, NC
Absolutely one of the best trips we have ever taken. No hassles, no worry, just wonderful experiences. Each day we thought that nothing could be as good, and then the next day was even better.
— Jan K., Titusville, NJ
Our eighth Wilderness Travel trip. Well designed with two great trip leaders who spoiled us rotten. Everything went so smoothly, thanks to them. A fun trip.
— Ron K., St. Simons Island, GA
Our guides made this trip extra special with their attentiveness to detail, their enthusiasm, and their delightful personalities. The areas we were in were beautiful, accommodations and food very good, and the sights quite interesting.
— Russ F., Sarasota, FL
There was just the right mixture of walking and sightseeing. Everything was well thought out and planned.
— Mary P., Bedford, NY
Very enjoyable, with excellent Trip Leaders.
— David H., Poway, CA
This was a special trip with two exceptional Trip Leaders.
— Sandra G., Wayne, PA
Our trip was perfect. As I’ve told many people, there isn’t a thing I would change. Especially loved our two guides.
— Teresa K., Colorado Springs, CO
Our Trip Leaders did a wonderful job. I’m so glad we chose the Czech Republic—a beautiful country with ease of travel.
— Sharon M., Poway, CA
We enjoyed the beautiful countryside and the castles. The guides really made the trip fabulous. They were great!
— Bob P., Denver, CO
We just loved the whole trip—the Trip Leaders were the best!
— Ginger R., Gualala, CA

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