Botswana Wildlife Safari

Discover Moremi, Okavango, Chobe, and Victoria Falls

Client Comments

We loved the trip! The design and flow of the itinerary was perfect. We spent just enough time in each area before it was time to move on. The staff was outstanding and made us feel welcome at all times.
— Lydia O., Round Rock, TX
The small number of participants with Wilderness Travel makes a much more intimate interaction with the areas visited. It was wonderful being in a small group of ten. Our guide's ability to spot things in the bush was pretty incredible—he found leopards for us (with their kills), lions we would never have seen, and every bird everywhere. Great personality, too!
— Danita H., Bellevue, WA
The crew and cook did an excellent job—all of our needs were met with a smile. It was a different experience for us, to be in a mobile camp, but one we thoroughly enjoyed.
— Dianne R., Edmond, OK
I have traveled a fair bit and I’ve never experienced anything quite like this. It was by far the most amazing trip I’ve ever been on, and probably the most emotional. I’m still not sure I have the words to describe the experience, and it wouldn’t been the same without the amazing people had with us—each one went above and beyond to make it a very special trip.
— Megan T., Ellerslie, Auckland
This trip was transforming for my husband and me—the beauty and power of nature was exhilarating! I will never forget the friendships we forged, the awesome beauty of the sunsets, and maybe most especially the haunting sounds of Africa at night in our tent. Thank you!
— Pamela H., Long Grove, IL
This was our first guided trip—my husband and I are well traveled, but we've always perfered to go independently. This experience may have changed our minds.
— Pamela H., Long Grove, IL
The accommodation was comfortable and everyone at camp was helpful and accommodating. The food was very good. We were all impressed by the cook's skills over an open fire—the breads were a big hit! We looked forward to our evening meal under the flickering oil lamps. The table was decorated with napkins that symbolized some of the animals we spotted each day. Our tent was always clean we had hot water every evening for showers. They washed our clothes! Every morning we were woken with a cup of coffee. No detail was missed, from the moment they greeted us until we said goodbye. We felt spoiled.
— Pamela H., Long Grove, IL
I can not strongly enough say enough good things about this wonderful, unforgettable trip. It was everything that I had hoped for, dreamed of, and more.
— Arthur G., Anchorage, AK
This trip truly exceeded our expectations and made it the trip of a lifetime. We saw far more wildlife, up front and personal, beyond our imagination.
— Ronnie G., Las Vegas, NV
Fabulous, fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime adventure. We saw more wildlife in one day than I imagined we would see in the entire trip!
— Cathy B., Ann Arbor, MI
Each day brought something new and exciting. It really did get better every day!
— Nancy P., Los Angeles, CA
Marvelous experience, not to be missed!
— Melissa S., Kailua Kona, HI
This trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. My wife and I travel around the world and this was a very special experience from the minute we arrived in Africa to the day we left.
— Lawrence V., Kailua Kona, HI
Fantastic trip!
— Karen S., Tesuque, NM
We were very excited to be going on safari and all of our expectations were met and exceeded. This was the adventure of a lifetime! Top quality in every way.
— Maynard L., Lafayette, CA
Fabulous trip! Loved every minute of it. We were so well taken care of! Our camp staff was just great.
— Jerri M., Oakland, CA
This was one of our best trips ever. We are still on a high a month after the trip, having had wonderful guides, camp crew, and co-travelers. It was the right mix of comfort and authentic experience and we saw so much more than anticipated.
— Noella L., Los Altos, CA
An extraordinary trip. The tent camping experience and the lodges were outstanding. The assurance that we were truly experiencing the world as the animals (and birds) do made it an intensely rewarding experience.
— John M., Alexandria, VA
The entire trip was first class. The service from the trip team was outstanding. I felt like I was at a five star hotel rather than out in the African Bush.
— Brad G., San Francisco, CA
Great schedule with a focus on seeing every inch of the territory, animals, birds, learning about the terrain and the history of Botswana. A wonderful, well-run operation and very well planned and executed.
— Paula E., W. Newton, MA
Fabulous trip, which I wanted to be longer.
— Jonathan R., Brunswick, ME
The camp crew was excellent. They went out of their way to make us comfortable and have a wonderful experience in the campsite. Everything was perfect!
— Julie D., North Salem, NY
A phenomenal trip! Even better than we anticipated.
— Scott B., Brownsburg, IN
Truly the trip of a lifetime!
— Kelly S., San Jose, CA
This trip was awesome. I would love to do it again.
— Dawn E., San Mateo, CA
Quite possibly the best we have had in our seven trips with WT.
— Alec and Cindy C., Santa Barbara, CA
The trip was way beyond expectations. I started missing Africa and the whole experience even before I left!
— Valerie D., Prescott, AZ

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