Himalayan Mountain Kingdoms

Sacred Monasteries and Exotic Bazaars of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan

The eerie chanting of maroon-robed monks in brightly painted monasteries, snow plumes trailing from high peaks, the smiles of Buddhist pilgrims at their ancient temples—this is the Himalaya! Our journey weaves together three of its realms: Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan, bringing you inside these lands to experience the immense power of places like Tibet’s exquisite 8th century Samye Monastery, enchanting Nepal, a medieval world unto itself, and the flourishing kingdom of Bhutan, where the Buddhist faith is a part of everyday life. Our cultural adventure will have you walking alongside pilgrims on sacred koras and sampling momos in Tibet, traveling by cyclo-rickshaw through Kathmandu’s narrow lanes, and hiking to a cliffside monastery in Bhutan.

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