Hiker's Journey to Bhutan

Festivals and Hikes in the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Client Comments

This trip was fabulous. Having an amazing guide like Kipchu makes such a huge difference. Bhutan is a very spiritual place and Kipchu's spirituality really allowed us to experience that.
— Vicki V., Baltimore, MD
Bhutan is a very special place and our itinerary gave us the chance to really experience the culture, the environment and the people in-depth. Loved the trip and would highly recommend it to our friends.
— Celes E., Seattle, WA
This was an excellent trip. It was my first experience with a group tour and I will definitely join another in the future. I enjoyed the mix of hiking and cultural education. Throughout the trip, food and rooms were beautiful, and the staff at hotels were exceptional.
— Beth B., Seattle, WA
Hiking to a local farm and meeting the family was a lovely experience, and attending the Paro festival was magical in its own way, adding to the sense of connecting more deeply with this country. The King happened to be there on our second day and mingling with the people, which was a learning experience in its own right.
— Barbara C., Tempe, AZ
Loved this trip. It was a great combination of hiking and cultural activities, with the comfort of staying in hotels and lodges.
— Andy C., Carrboro, NC
A very valuable trip for people who want to experience Bhutan with feet-on-the-ground.
— Peter R., Santa Clara, CA
Going to Bhutan was a longtime dream, and the trip more than met my expectations.
— Susan M., Minden, NV
Best trip I've ever taken! Our Trip Leader was absolutely a treasure and so knowledgeable about everything.
— Ellen K., Boulder, CO
Absolutely one of the best trips I've ever taken—an amazing experience. How can one improve upon perfection?
— Kathryn H., Seattle, WA
A spectacular trip!
— Susan H., Boulder, CO
Our trip leader was one reason we loved the trip so much. He introduced us to his culture, country, and religion and we appreciated every climb, every monastery, every van ride, and every experience. He was extremely knowledgable and interesting.
— Peggy and Michael W., Hingham, MA
WOW! I want to go back. Superb planning and execution at every step of the process.
— Jack G., New York, NY
Loved the trip—it was such a rich cultural experience.
— Jan S., Boise, ID