Total Solar Eclipse of 2023: From Kimberley to Komodo

The Legendary Kimberley and Exotic Islands of Indonesia, Plus an Eclipse!

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Experiencing a total solar eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill, and we’ve combined it with two epic adventure destinations: the remote coastal world of the Kimberley, with its plunging waterfalls and ancient Aboriginal culture, and the lush islands of Eastern Indonesia, including the UNESCO-designated Komodo National Park, home to teeming coral reefs and world-famous dragons. Our days will be filled with adventure: we’ll explore by go-anywhere Zodiac, visit ancient rock art galleries, ride the tidal rapids at Horizontal Falls, hike up a volcano, snorkel on a pink beach, and meet the fearsome dragons in their natural habitat. All the while, we enjoy the on-board excellence of the 120-guest Coral Geographer, whose small size and superb maneuverability give her the ability to anchor close to shore.

Itinerary at a Glance

Days 1-3, Apr 14-16, 2023
Darwin, Australia / The Kimberley / King George Falls / Mitchell Falls

Embark in Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory and cruise the wild coast of the Kimberley, one of the world's last wilderness frontiers. See the King George River plunge over ancient sandstone cliffs into tidal waters, and at Mitchell Falls, take an optional heli-flight over the emerald-hued pools that catch the cascade. Cruise by Zodiac below the terraced waterfall of King Cascade, or explore the labyrinthine sandstone caves of Hathway’s Hideaway, once an Aboriginal midden. Enjoy ongoing shipboard presentations by our guest astronomer and the Expedition Team.

Day 4-6, Apr 17-19, 2023
Montgomery Reef / Wandjina Rock Art / Cyclone Creek

Twice daily, as the sea recedes in mammoth tides, Montgomery Reef rises from the Indian Ocean in a cascade of rushing water revealing a flat-topped reef with rock pools. Explore this marvel by Zodiac, visit ancient Wandjina rock art galleries of the Worrora people with a Worrora specialist guide, and take a thrilling Zodiac across the intense tidal current of Horizontal Falls. After viewing the impressive rock formations at Cyclone Creek, we arrive at Broome.

Day 7, Apr 20, 2023
Eclipse Day!

Our ship will be positioned in an ideal location on the centerline, where totality will have a duration of 1 minute and 11.3 seconds. Being aboard a ship provides maximum flexibility to cruise around any possible clouds, adding a good 15 percent to the already enticing viewing prospects. Our astronomer Dr. Filippenko will be out on deck to add his depth of eclipse knowledge to our experience.

16° 26.387’ S 119° 23.103’ E:
1st contact: (eclipse begins) 10:19:08 altitude: 52.4°
2nd contact: (totality begins) 11:48:54 altitude: 62°
3rd contact: (totality ends) 11:50:05 altitude: 62°
4th contact: (eclipse ends) 13:24:26 altitude: 55.4°

Days 8-9, Apr 21-22, 2023
At Sea / Padar Island, Komodo National Park, Indonesia / Snorkeling

As we cross the Timor Sea, the sunsets should be spectacular. We’ll clear protocols for Indonesia at surreally beautiful Padar Island, part of the UNESCO-designated Komodo National Park. Snorkel on the island’s healthy reef, hike up to a wonderful sunset viewing point over the lush green islands of the park, or explore along the coast by tender.

Day 10, Apr 23, 2023
Komodo Island / Here Be Dragons! / Pink Beach

Komodo Island is spectacular in itself but it is also famed as home to the largest lizards in the world—Komodo dragons, up to ten feet long. These huge monitor lizards that have survived from the time of the dinosaurs reside only on this wild paradise. We’ll take hikes of varying length to a small village where we’ll see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. Afterwards, we’ll have some time on famous Pink Beach, with its rose-hued sands flanking turquoise waters.

Days 11-12, Apr 24-25, 2023
Flores Island / Kelimutu Crater / Lembata Island / Lamalera Village

The crater of Kelimutu Volcano on Flores Island has famous multicolored lakes. Drive up through small villages and rice terraces to the dense rainforest at the summit of Kelimutu Volcano on Flores Island, where we can hike to the three brilliant crater lakes, each a different color due to the varying mineral content of the water. On remote Lembata Island, we visit a unique village of true subsistence whale hunters who are still allowed to harpoon whales from their traditional sailboats (made famous by the book The Last Whalers). We’ll see the whalers in their boats and visit their village.

Days 13-15, Apr 26-28, 2023
Timor Island / At Sea / Darwin / Disembark

Arriving on Timor Island, we clear customs and have time for either a snorkeling session or a seaside sasando concert (tides permitting), the traditional stringed instrument of this part of Indonesia. Clearing customs at Kupang City, we have a final relaxing day at sea then arrive at Darwin on Day 15 and disembark.



Experience the thrill of a total solar eclipse from an ideal location in the Timor Sea
Enjoy informative eclipse guidance and dynamic presentations from renowned astronomer Dr. Alex Filippenko
Ride the tidal rapids through Horizontal Falls, see ancient Aboriginal rock art galleriesk
Meet the famous dragons of Komodo Island in their natural habitat
Snorkel over teeming coral reefs, hike to volcanic vistas and colorful crater lakes, visit traditional whalers of Lembata Island


Length: 15 days
Cost From: $12,695  
Arrive: Darwin, Australia
Depart: Darwin, Australia
Lodging: 14 nights aboard an expedition ship
Meals: All meals included as indicated in the Detailed Itinerary (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)
Activity: Cultural Adventures, Eclipse, Small Ship Cruising, Snorkeling, Walking, Wildlife and Natural History
Trip Level:

15-day expedition cruise, snorkeling, nature walks on uneven ground, Zodiac cruising