Trans-Caucasus Adventure

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Svaneti, & Armenia

Repertory Trip: Next Offered May 20-June 13, 2022 & May 19-June 12, 2023

Client Comments

The Caucasus region is a very interesting part of the world and this trip provided an excellent opportunity to experience the natural beauty, rich history and culture of these areas. Roger is a unique group leader who has extensive knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm for the areas we visited, and the local guides offered valuable insight on their countries.
— Sandy C., Seattle, WA
Excellent trip! Roger is remarkable in every way. He has incredible organizational skills, is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and understanding. Roger always lets you know what to expect throughout the day, which is much appreciated. Truly, a great guide.
— Lana B., San Francisco, CA
It was great to see these three countries—there are great rewards in doing such an extensive trip. Our Trip Leader Roger worked very hard to please everyone, and remembered many small details for each traveler.
— Jim C., Wauwatosa, WI