Total Solar Eclipse of 2020: Lakes to Volcanoes Adventure

Chile & Argentina Hotel-Based Program
with NASA astronomer Richard Terrile, PhD

For our hotel-based program, we’ve selected a site in the Andes that optimizes the prospects for good viewing and the length of totality—around two minutes and eight seconds. Our adventure begins in the scenic mountain town of Bariloche, Argentina, and brings us across the Andes to our private viewing site in Chile’s picturesque Lake District.

Our Guest Experts

Astronomer Richard Terrile, PhD, of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will join us for the full program, giving lectures on eclipses and astronomy.  Dr. Terrile is a veteran of seven solar eclipses and an expert on eclipse photography.

Lorenzo Sympson is a noted wildlife researcher specializing in the study of Patagonia’s Andean condor. Sympson participated in the re-introduction of captive-bred condors in Patagonia and coordinates a program for researching their biology and behavior.

villarrica volcano bariloche argentina

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