Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands

Penguin Colonies, Icebergs, and Legends of Shackleton

Choose from a Variety of Ships

We offer several exciting voyages to Antarctica aboard a variety of ships. Click on the individual ship names below to see the Detailed Itinerary for that departure, along with specific pricing, ship information, and Arrival & Departure details.


Jan 28-Feb 17, 2023 Island Sky
Feb 24-Mar 17, 2023 Seaventure
Feb 28-Mar 22, 2023 Sea Spirit
Nov 2-23, 2023 Seaventure
Dec 29, 2023-Jan 18, 2024 Seaventure
Jan 6-26, 2024 Sea Spirit


Sea Spirit from: $13,395
Island Sky from: $20,205
Seaventure from: $19,705

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