Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands

Penguin Colonies, Icebergs, and Legends of Shackleton

Client Comments

All the expedition guides were exceptional; the trip was flawless and great fun. The accommodations were beautiful and clean and the staff was very pleasant and always accommodating. I hated to leave the ship!
— Sandy M., Buffalo, NY
An amazing trip from beginning to end. Great itinerary, wonderful ship and expedition staff.
— Leslie N., Allyn, WA
This truly was the trip of a lifetime!! The ship was very luxurious and comfortable. The Expedition Team could not have been better...a wealth of experience and knowledge. We were so fortunate to make every planned landing due to excellent weather. The wildlife and scenery were amazing!!
— Christina S., Lawrenceville, GA
This trip was way better than we imagined it could be!
— Anik C., Victoriaville, Quebec
It was the thrill of a lifetime to visit the Falklands and South Georgia in addition to Antarctica. The Zodiac rides were great and the staff was always making every effort for us to see and do everything.
— Joanne G., Denver, CO
The entire expedition staff was awesome!
— Bernd B., Reno, NV
This trip is unique—there is nothing comparable. The expedition director was superb, and the procedures for getting ashore were well organized. There was a rich variety of lectures that expanded the experience and our knowledge.
— Stuart G., Golden, CO
This was the “trip of a lifetime.” I enjoyed every minute of it!
— Susan D., Hartland, WI
Truly amazing—the trip of a lifetime!
— Jim and Chris W., Portland, OR
It was surreal—like being on another planet.
— Charles A., Berkeley, CA

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