Antarctica: Janssonius

Arrival & Departure Information

You are responsible for your own transportation arriving to , and departing from . If you have any questions, please call our office at 1-800-368-2794.

Please do not purchase your tickets until you are confirmed on the trip. Once your tickets have been purchased, please send us a copy of your airline schedule.

Fall 2023-Spring 2024
Arrival & Meeting Place
Ushuaia, Argentina
Date: Day 1
Time: We strongly recommend you arrive in Ushuaia at least one day prior to departure and make arrangements for an overnight at a local hotel.

Suggested Airport for Arrival
Ushuaia (USH) via Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE/AEP)

If you are connecting in Buenos Aires to a flight to Ushuaia, you should allow at least four hours connection time, as a transfer between the international airport (EZE) and the domestic airport (AEP) can take up to two hours. Due to local regulations passengers are not allowed to carry their own luggage onto the vessel. Therefore, check-in and a luggage transfer is arranged in Ushuaia between 8:00 am and 11:30 am on Day 1 at a downtown location. You will be required to meet at this location no later than 3:45 pm for the transfer to the vessel.

Ushuaia, Argentina
Date: Day 11
Suggested departure time: After noon

Suggested Airport for Departure
Ushuaia (USH) to Buenos Aires (AEP/EZE)

You will disembark in Ushuaia at about 8:00 am on Day 11, subject to weather and sea conditions en route. A transfer will be provided from the ship to the Ushuaia Airport only.  If you need to transfer in Buenos Aires from the domestic (AEP) to the international airport (EZE), allow at least four hours connection time in order to accommodate required customs and security checks. The international airport can be congested and the lines very long, especially in the early evening as most flights to the US depart between 10:00 pm and 12:00 am.