Crossing the Antarctic Circle

Adventure to Extreme Southern Latitudes
aboard the Hebridean Sky or Island Sky

Client Comments

This was an excellent, well-run trip that met the high standards that I have come to expect from Wilderness Travel after many trips over the years. It fully met my expectations.
— Jack S., Evergreen, CO
I have only sailed on a cruise to Alaska on Princess and a small boat cruise on the Columbia River—both one-week trips that left me unprepared for such quality in a cruise. I joked that I lost weight on my past cruises, but there was no way this was going to happen on the Sea Spirit! The entire staff was unbelievable, and the cabins on the Sea Spirit were bigger than many hotel rooms I have stayed in. By the second day, the dining and front desk staff addressed you by name (even without your wearing an ID badge). The hotel staff actually liked their job and were great at interacting with the guests. The small size of the ship (80 guests and expedition leaders) made for an enjoyable use of all the facilities. I cannot think of one negative experience on the trip!
— Larry M., Spokane, WA