Private Wilderness Travel Camps

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Our private camps are set in exquisite locations with fantastic access to the wildlife. At Dulana, views look out onto across a shallow valley, where many species of animals can be spotted, and our camp at Akiba Kibwe lies directly in the path of migrating wildebeest and zebra as they head toward the Mara River. Both camps feature large, walk-in tents furnished with bright fabrics and hardwood furniture. Each tent is about 10 by 14 feet with twin beds (or one queen bed), en suite shower and toilet, and full-length windows that offer fine views of the surrounding wilderness right from bedside. In front is a small veranda with two chairs, a small table, and a wash basin. Dinner is served al fresco or in a large dining tent under a big shade tree, and dinners are complete with flatware, china, glasses, and complimentary wine and beer. Because we use rechargeable resources and propane refrigeration at camp, no noisy generators spoil the sound of the African wilds.