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Nubian Rest House

Karima, Sudan

This charming small hotel is set within a walled garden just below the holy mountain of Jebel Barkal, near the market town of Karima. With its Italian hosts, it is a mix of Italy and Nubia with rustic charm and excellent Italian cuisine. Behind the main house (which has a reading room and dining rooms) is a garden where the Rest House grows its own fruits and vegetables. The hotel’s architecture is Nubian-style brick, featuring ornate domes and arches. Each of the 22 rooms (all air conditioned) have two large single beds, private bathrooms, and a small veranda. There are stunning views of nearby Jebel Barkal from the terrace. Karima is a small settlement located on the right bank of the Nile, south of the 4th Cataract. The hotel's Italian manager is assisted by a well-trained Sudanese staff.

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