Choquequirao Trek Camps

Choquequirao, Peru

We make hiking and camping in the Andes as comfortable as it can get! On the trail, you are accompanied by our experienced team of trail guides, and all your gear is carried for you (leaving you free to hike with just a light daypack to hold your camera, water bottle, jacket, etc.). Our camp amenities include a dining tent with a dining table, chairs with backs, camp meals prepared by our highly trained staff, and toilet tents. Our camp crew takes care of all camp chores, including bringing tea or coffee to your tent each morning and providing beautiful picnic lunches each day at a scenic spot along the trail. Accommodations are in sturdy mountain-style tents. Most trip members bring their own sleeping bag and sleeping pad, but we can arrange for you to rent a sleeping bag and sleeping pad in Cusco if you prefer.

Our Trips using this Lodging

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Choquequirao full service camping 02