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Altai Trek Camps


We make hiking and camping in Mongolia as comfortable as possible. On trek, we provide high quality mountain-style tents, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags rated to 15ºF. A camp crew prepares hearty meals and takes care of all of the camp chores. On our drives to and from the trek, we travel in Russian-built four-wheel-drive vehicles and during the first part of the trek we are supported by a truck that carries a traditional Kazakh ger, which provides a very warm and comfortable dining and lounge area (and it’s a great part of the adventure to help set it up each night). There is a toilet tent, and if conditions permit, we can enjoy a field shower. On the days we trek within Tavan Bogd National Park, all our gear is carried by camels and horses, other than what you like to have with you during the day in your daypack.

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