Kyrgyzstan Yurt Camps


Yurts are still used by nomadic shepherds in the summer months when they travel into mountain pastures, and we get an authentic taste of the traditions and cultures of the Kyrgyz people while staying in these camps. We’ll experience two different yurt camps, with two nights in each location. The simple, felt structures are equipped with basic cots along with either linens or sleeping bags. Bathroom facilities are in separate buildings and shared by all participants. They consist of very simple shower cabins and enclosed western-style toilets. Additional compost toilets may also be available. While we may have the use of hot water for showers, please understand that this is not always possible—be prepared for a brisk rinse if needed. You will also have access to wash stations with warm water as well as hand sanitizer. Communal meals are representative of traditional nomadic dishes and include a variety of fruits and vegetables, along with meats and heartier dishes. Meals are typically served indoors at a low table where we sit on cushions on the floor. We may also enjoy some meals outdoors in camping chairs, as well as tea and snacks on carpets or blankets, depending on weather conditions.

Our Trips using this Lodging

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