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Treehouse Camp

Futaleufu River, Chile

A deep lake shrouded in an ancient hardwood forest is the centerpiece of this extraordinary camp. There are eight hexagonal, gazebo-like structures set 35 feet high in a majestic stand of giant old-growth trees. The two-person structures have alerce roofs, open sides, and a sleeping platform for your sleeping pad and bag. The treehouses are connected to each other like the spokes of a wheel by wooden walkways. Each one is unique, a little architectural gem, and they are self-supporting in the trees—not a single nail was placed in the trees. They are entered by way of a circular wooden staircase. Below, set on the edge of the lake, is a wooden deck with benches and a picnic table for meals with incredible views  of the lake and snow-capped mountains. Hidden back in the trees at this picturesque camp is a log gazebo shelter with a fireplace in case of inclement weather.

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