Zervogiannis vangelis

Vangelis Zervogiannis

Vangelis Zervogiannis was born and raised in Crete, received his BA in language and literature, then decided to devote his full attention to studies of Greek archaeology and history. More recently, he got his advanced wine certification credential. Vangelis is energetic, always smiling, comfortable and knowledgeable in any museum or archeological site, and has a deep love of the mountains and gorges of Crete and of Santorini, where he has lived for some 15 years. He is the true insider of the southern Aegean and an absolute gem to travel with (he does have one flaw, though—every chance he gets, he'll try to persuade you that every word derives originally from Greek)!

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Client Testimonials

Vangelis’s knowledge of the archaeology and history were amazing. His presentation style was so engaging it made the history come alive.
— Rebecca C., Davis, CA
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Crete
We have been doing these trips for more than 15 years and have never had a more knowledgeable, tireless or intuitive guide. Vangelis masterfully weaved historical information, culture, language, religion, mythology, and itinerary in a fun and interactive way...making all the pieces fit together into a beautiful and comprehensive portrait of Crete. He anticipated our interests and took action without even a request. His love of Crete is contagious, and by the time our tour was over we all felt the same.
— Ashley G., Tampa, FL
Hiking in Crete
Vangelis has unbounded enthusiasm for the antiquities of Crete and he is able to share that enthusiasm through excellent story-telling, based on his extensive knowledge.
— Nelly F., Brooktondale, NY
Hiking in Crete
Vangelis is a remarkably good interpreter of the history and archaeology of Crete. A wonderful and professionally-qualified teacher—absolutely first rate in this role.
— Jack B., Brooktondale, NY
Hiking in Crete
Vangelis was a lot of fun to be with. He provides so much information and manages to keep participants engaged.
— Uwe H., San Jose, CA
Hiking in Crete