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Jess Yew

A corporate world dropout, Jessica left the constraints of the corporate desk to head back to her hometown in search of something more. But the journey home was longer than expected, as she made a detour backpacking through Europe, Asia, and then residing in Vietnam for a few years as a rock-climbing assistant, before finally making the move home to Kota Kinabalu. Once home she was quick to plunge into the deep blue, becoming a dive master in just eight months. Before guiding, she also was the project manager of an NGO focusing on conservation with coastal communities. She has an inescapable itch for the outdoors, but has found a balance by spending half her time in the office, and the other half guiding or exploring the world on her own. What excites her the most when traveling is the people and culture, and the common thread they share. She has a passion for learning languages, and speaks six fluently.

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