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Stewart Wheelhouse

Stewart Wheelhouse, a Welshman by birth, has spent the past two decades leading adventures and expeditions throughout the world. He has traveled the length of Africa, written guidebooks on cycling through Europe, and led expeditions in Asia and Australia. A wonderful storyteller and traveling companion, Stewart spends his free time between trips exploring the backcountry trails of France and the Alps, and sailing the Mediterranean. When the Northern Hemisphere gets too cold, he migrates to Tasmania to lead our trips there and enjoys sailing and fishing with his mates in the D`Entrecasteaux Channel.

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Client Testimonials

Stewart has more knowledge and experience in his pinky finger than all the people on the trip combined. He makes everything on the trip fun, and his easy-going personality and booming voice light up every conversation. He personifies the ‘no worries’ Aussie mantra. With him everything on the trip goes smoothly.
— Rick G., Brighton, MA
Wild Tasmania
What a gem! Knowledgeable, fun, and really keeps things rolling along.
— Sandy C., Ridgway, CO
Great Alpine Traverse
Stewart was wonderful. He added so much to the trip.
— Lynn K., Denver, CO
Wild Tasmania
Stewart is a great guide, whether acting as leader or wingman. He always went out of his way to find out our interests and preferences.
— Jan B., Denver, CO
Wild Tasmania
Excellent is not sufficient to rate Stewart; he was over the top in all respects. His knowledge of the areas we hiked was encyclopedic, his management of the logistics flawless, his enthusiasm for the trek infectious. His off-hike (dinner, recreation) companionship was always lively and his stories were priceless. Stewart is fantastic at what he does, makes all guests super comfortable with the hike, and the gave us the confidence that we could succeed.
— Frank C., Houston, TX
Great Alpine Traverse
Stewart was warm, supportive, and a great decision maker. Bravo! I truly appreciated his humor, knowledge, and expertise of all locations.
— Patricia O., Santa Rosa, CA
Great Alpine Traverse
Stewart was great, very knowledgeable, very good with people, and very helpful.
— Linda P., Playa Del Rey, CA
Wild Tasmania
Stewart was fabulous: knowledgeable, sensitive, funny, and loaded with charm. He was terrific.
— Sandy S., New York, NY
Heart of Switzerland
Stewart bring not only years of experience but an attitude that makes it just fun to be with him.
— Craig K., Sewickley, PA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Stu is a gem—consistently energetic, full of historic tidbits, always personable.
— Julie L., Harbour Island, Bahamas
Great Alpine Traverse
Stewart was wonderful. He kept everyone laughing, but also fulfilled his responsibilities as a guide. I thoroughly enjoyed his company and completely trusted his skills.
— Linda S., Novato, CA
Great Alpine Traverse
Stewart was always there with a wealth of information, historical facts, and country knowledge. His exuberant personality is a delight to be around.
— Barb C., Evergreen, CO
Great Alpine Traverse
Stewart is very capable and experienced, and his humor and interactions with people add a lot to the whole experience.
— Rollie A., Fort Collins, CO
Great Alpine Traverse
Stewart was really fun, cheerful, and patient. A true asset.
— Meg W., New York, NY
Tour du Mont Blanc
There was nothing that Stewart couldn't provide and it was obvious the client always came first.
— Mary L M., Sanibel, FL
Hiking the Tyrolean Alps
Stewart made the trip special for us. He was always available to help, provided history about the different areas we were visiting, and overall assured us that our issues were addressed.
— Jody R., Alpine, CA
Great Alpine Traverse
Stewart was awesome—very entertaining and generous with his time and information. I throughly enjoyed my time with him.
— Stacy W., Wilmington, NC
Tour du Mont Blanc
Stewart was absolutely the nicest guide I've ever had with his laid-back humor, sense of calmness, and joy of being.
— Mary K., Sewickley, PA
Great Alpine Traverse
Stewart had a great knowledge of the area's history and culture and was truly a fun person to spend some time with.
— Craig K., Sewickley, PA
Great Alpine Traverse
Stewart is a true professional, judged our pace and abilities, coached, "set up" each day so we knew what to expect. He is a pleasant, worldly companion but first and foremost he is a skilled trip leader.
— Elizabeth Smith, Boston MA
Tour du Mont Blanc
Stewart knows the Alps, the region, the customs. He always has a story and a smile. He kept everyone safe without being smothering.
— Anne Wilfong, Santa Maria, CA
Hiking the Haute Route